My wonderland

This isn't my nightmare, no! My dreams and thoughts and veins ache for you! For release. To see them all again. All over. This isnt my nightmare, no! Cover me in pretty pink lines, baby, I need you now! no! Not you... not you... for that dull ache and cold flow. Pulsing out of my pretty pink lines. Let it be my nightmare, no! Oh god.... so beautiful! Oh god... so free! No fear or rejection. Just lethal injection cus baby I'm crazy. LET ME BE CRAZY! I need to be free! I always begged for someone to care for me but now I need for you to let me go. I wanna let go. Let me go. I wanna let go! Let me be my nightmare, no! Let me scream and dream, push myself into that little hole in the corner. I promise I'll disappear. I'll go to wonderland baby let me take you there! Let me take you there. I promise we won't go back. Just you and me and we can fly. Fly to the trees and just hang. Just hang. Just hang ourselves. Baby just you and me and stay forever here and free. No fear or rejection, just lethal injection! Cus baby I need it! I need to feel the dull ache and cold flow. Let me go please let me go! After all I've seen let me free. I promise oh! I promise. The smoke will billow from our mouths so slow, so smooth. Oh! Let me go. I want to go! Want to go! I wanna let go! Please let go. Let me let go... I promise I'll fade fast. And you won't remember a thing. Not a thing baby not a thing.

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