I Need Feminism, Because...


I need feminism, because I can't leave my legs unshaven without being told it's wrong.

I need feminism, because if a man shaves his legs he's told he's "feminine", "girly", and "gay"

I need feminism, because being a woman is seen as an insult.

I need feminism, because a man is automatically a homosexual if he doesn't comform to gender norms.

I need feminism, because I can't walk down the street without being given unwanted "compliments" no matter what I'm wearing.

Because wearing a My Little Pony backpack, an oversized jacket, and a pair of jeans means that I'm "asking for it."

I need feminism, because men feel entitled to my body.

Because what is mine isn't mine, and is their's to stare at, touch, and comment on.

Because I'm still seen as a cheap fuck, because I have a vagina.

Because rape culture has become such a norm in our society that being coerced into having sex with a man is perfectly fine.

Because the "friend zone" is just a creation of the patriarchy to let men think that they deserve to have sex with a woman, because they're being nice.

Because being nice means that every girl should spread their legs open for you and enter what is their's.

I need feminism, because if a man is raped, his feelings are invalidated.

Because every man wants sex no matter what, right?

Because no matter who gets raped it's their fault, they should have enjoyed it, they were being a tease, and they wanted it.

I need feminism, because when I told my mother that I had almost been kidnapped by a man who was catcalling me on my walk to school in the morning, she said,"deal with it, there's a reason you have a cell phone."

I need feminism, because when I told a man to stop peeping on my neighbor while she's getting dressed at 4 in the morning, he said,"she has her blinds open for a reason," and,"I'm only a man."

I need feminism, because my mother defended him and said,"it's her fault for having her blinds open."

I need feminism, because people think that it's okay for your mind to be controlled by your genitals.

I need feminism, because I can't walk around with my shirt off, but a man can.

Because two feeding bags filled with fat have been sexualized.

Because the same nipples have been looked at differently, because they belong to different people.

I need feminism, because a woman is labeled as a "slut" for having as much sex as a man.

Because she's told she doesn't have self-respect for having sex or because of what she wears.

Here's a quick PSA: self-respect has nothing to do with what people think of you, but has everything to do with how you see yourself.

Another PSA: if women shouldn't have sex, every man in the world should be fucking another guy. There would also be no babies.

I need feminism, because women and men should be able to do the same things without being crtiticized.

I need feminism, because people are seen as objects, and not people.

I need feminism.


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