Iron Fist

             I am a woman

            I have long hair, I have a high voice, long lashes and lips of cherry

            I have curves, I have breasts and a butt

            And I love my body and I am proud


            I am a woman

            Made of the chromosomes Y and X

            The only difference between a woman and a man is that one chain of chromosomes,


            And then there is Y,

            The chromosome that women and men share

            What makes a male a male, Y and y,

            Y, the second to last letter in the alphabet

            A question asked so often, why


            Why is it that man and women, both human

            Both walking on the same earth, breathing the same air

            Are seen as equal, but technically are unequal in society

            This is a man’s world, always has been and always will


            Men will always be seen as superior in this world,

            It should be equal

            What women and men do in society, it should be equal


            Men can walk around in public without wearing a shirt

            Or they can walk around in public wearing their boxers

            If a woman dare to step foot out her front door,

            With no shirt on, or no pants

            People would look down upon her

            And call her names that nobody should be called


            Because I am a woman,

            I get yelled at, at school for my bra strap accidently showing because of the way my shirt is cut

            Because I am a woman,

            I cannot wear shirts that bring out my bust and my curves

            But men,

            Teen men at my school, they can wear shirts that mold their muscles

            They can have their pants to their ankles on purpose

            And not get a word spoken to them


            I should be able to wear what I want,           

            When I want,

            Where I want,

            And how I want

            At any moment of the day

            And not worry about people yelling at me just because my bra strap is showing

            Or because the shirt I am wearing is not hiding my breasts all the way


            Because I am a woman,

            I am not allowed to date many men

            Or move on quickly after a break up

            I should be able to date as many men as I want

            Without being called a slut or a whore

            Men can date as many women as they want

            They can have other women on the side

            And be worshiped as a player

            While the woman gets called names


            My teenage male friends at school

            Often tell me that the reason, teenage males are friends with me

            Is because I have breasts and a butt

            My male friends tell me that teenage males only want to get with me

            They only talk to me so that they can get some

            I get called a tease because I do not give them anything

            And because I am a woman,

            It is “okay” for these teenage males to call me that

            And I am not allowed to say anything back


            Because I am a woman,

            I have to watch what I say

            Since sometimes my opinion is irrelevant

            I say the “wrong things”

            And get called a bitch for it


            I should be able to say what I want

            I should be able to speak what is on my mind

            Am I honestly supposed to not have an opinion?      

            Am I really supposed to be quiet all the time because I am a woman?

            I am going to have an opinion, and I am not going to be quiet

            I will speak what is on my mind

            I should not be treated as if I am unheard because I am a woman

            Men share their opinions and say what they want all the time

            My thoughts, my opinion, and what I say is just as important

            Than what any man has to say


            And I will not be quiet any longer

            I will not stand by and allow these men

            To treat me any different as they are

            Because on this earth, we are meant to be equal


            Because I am a woman,

             I will fight for other women who have been treated the same as I

            I will fight for the girl who has an opinion but is too scared to share it

            Because she was called a bitch and was told that her opinion was irrelevant

I will fight for the woman who’s boyfriend cheated on her and broke up with her

            To go out with the girl that he should have never had on the side

I will fight for that teenage woman who got sent to the principal’s office because of her bra strap

I will fight for the woman who cannot take a run around her town wearing a sports bra

            Because the man who drove by in his car harassed her

            I will fight for the woman who wanted to wear that dress that she worked so hard to look nice in

            I will fight for the woman who have gotten hurt by men

            Because I am a woman,

            I will not let a man define me

            Tell me what to wear and how to act

            I will not let a man hold me down

            And make me believe that I am a whore

            Just because I got a new boyfriend 3 months after a relationship ended

            Or make me believe that I am a bitch because I speak what is on my mind

            Or tell me that I am a tease because I have a big busted chest


             I am a woman

            I am made of the chromosomes X and Y

            I am a female


            Fe, Iron

            Male, man

            I am Iron Man

            And I hold up this iron first

            For all of the woman

            On this earth 


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