Because I Love You

Sat, 10/21/2017 - 15:31 -- as4754

You told me you loved me 

Ain’t hear that in a while 

i’m just so used to broken heart aches 

and wearing a mask over my smile 

Don’t tell me that you love me

and 5 minutes later you’re someone new 

This relationship is not easy to replace 

like it is with your shoes 

I ask you why you do these things 

You tell me “Because I love you” 

If you really did then how come we always have these issues 

You write me love letters 

but deared the wrong name 

When the pastor asked “Do I take you as my husband?”

Thats when I did the same 

I felt a warm tap grow cold on my shoulder 

When I woke up from this nightmare 

felt like my heart went through a boulder 

I knew you’d never do those things 

How foolish am I ?

Youre too sweet and too nice 

to make a girl cry 

But you do though 

Amazingly , by holding my hand 

You don’t turn your back or leave me out

in the cold to just stand 

Red roses, white lilly’s 

now this is my man 

Even when we’re busy 9-5 

we still can understand 

As we grew older 

got more mature 

You told me we should move up a level

It was a whole lot of bass , a lot of bass 

But certainly no trouble 

As I walked down the aisle for real

I recall quick memories 

You was so shy 

you couldn’t sit or talk near me

When I walked pass all you did was stare 

The only thing I remember you asking 

is “Is that really your hair?”

I tucked away my laughs 

as it’s time to get real 

When I saw you crying and slid the ring on

I knew this was the deal 

You said “I do”

I said “I do too” 

Then we were announced as one 

Simply because I love you 



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