Demons hide within us all

Echoing in the back of our minds

Pulling against the chains and begging to be let free

Everyone has demons

Some are just louder than others


Forever alone, with no one but the voices

Drowning in fear

Buried in despair

The pain churns and burns within the heart

Demanding to be released


The pressure is overwhelming

The need to let go impossible to ignore

The pain must be made tangible

Somehow, someway

This inferno can be hidden no more


Biting back tears, the choice has been made

Break the skin, peel back the flaws

Let the crimson river flow

Enough is enough

The demons are free


Instant relief

Such beautiful pain, but once is not enough

My skin becomes a maze of past regrets

An unsolvable puzzle

What have I done?


Promise made, never to happen again

But the demons break through the barrier

My skin itches, the need is too great

Begin the maze again

Promise broken



They stare on with judging eyes

Accusing me of my hidden scars

Pushing me away, an outcast


Please help stop the demons

They are overpowering what little of me is left

Tearing at my soul, gnawing on my heart

The maze is getting longer, getting deeper

The next time may be the last,

When the lines blur, and I fade away. 

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