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I need to marry a man who plays the guitar. No, the piano...yes...the piano. I need to marry a man who plays the piano and sings beautifuly. He must take my breath away when he sings me to sleep every night, he must teach me how to love; and have an appetite. Yes, and appetite for books, jazz, and food. A man who will ignore me when I'm angry, and listen when i'm not. I need him to make me Ramen noodles when I don't feel like cooking. I need him to find my spectacles when they go missing from my face. to take the dogs out when it's rainning somy hair doesn't frizz in the crisp morning air. A man who will light up the entire town with his smile, he must buy the homless McDonalds, and give all his change to the Salvation Army lady with the cow bell outside of Wal-Mart. I need a man who will tell me when I am wrong, and who will ask me for ribs instead of a sandwich. I'd rather a man who'd make homemade icecream to suprise me after a bad day at work; he must wear an apron while he is at it. I need a man who will massage my shoulders and buy me candles that smell like pumpkins or pine trees. i must marry a man who will forget to make coffee in the morning for himself, but never forget to make clown shaped pancakes for our children. I'd rather him to read the newspaper than watch the Telly. I want a man who will support Gay Marrige, and belive in the well being and rights of others. I hope I get lost in him, I pray he'll get lost in me. I'd rather a man be so perfectly flawed, than a man who acts like a boy when it comes to love.

I must marry a man who needs me, A man i must need as well. A man who will teach me to keep all of m promises and pinky swears. I need a man who not only likes pistachio ice cream, but hates to buy me roses. I need that man. The man whose breath smells like stale cigarettes and yesterdays coffee. A man who laughs at petty proposals and George Lopez. A gentleman who is not disgusted to speak about poop, yet engrossed when it comes to burping contests. I must find this man.
I need this man.
He is my other half.
Together we are one.
Together, we are complete.


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