"Girls Just Say No... or Better Still YES !" ... Written by Big Virge 23/10/2005 (Sexually Explicit !)


United Kingdom

Now here's a story
most fellas know !
You're chatting in a bar
and see a SHINY STAR !
NOT one up in the sky
but one with female thighs !
She catches yes your eye
when you utilise the mic
and then she starts to listen
when your wordplay you recite !
You watch her every move
Especially with dudes
who seem to be quite friendly
and touch her like that's right !
They're gonna have
their way with her
later on that night !
These days i'm not surprised
cos' oh so many guys
are used by women who devise
ways for them to have girlie nights
So to gay clubs and gay mens hugs
and FAR AWAY from drunken thugs
who drink in pubs and think they're tough !
I guess that's now
the way it goes ?
But girls why don't you
just say ... " NO " ... ?
if men pressure and hassle you !!!
Cos' that's NOT ME !
Trust me i'm cool !
Read these words
These words are TRUE !
and will supply you
with more proof !

Back to The Bar ...
This made me laugh !
She's now up close
cos' of Quality Prose !

with words you choose !
DON'T Lose the mood !

Question her
you know how it goes
I ask her ...

"Did you like my prose ?"

She says ...

"Yeah man, I liked your flow !
You performed the best, on tonights show !"

I said ... " Really ? " ...
and played it down
but continued
to use my mouth

"Do you have a boyfriend ?"

She then says ... " No "...

So now i'm thinking time to roll
keep it sweet and bust a joke !

'What's wrong with you ?
No man about town ?
You're a sexy girl,
i'm a bit confused ?"

She smiles but
has to serve someone
But here it comes
Girls leave me STUNNED !!!

We talk again
This time I'm IN !!!

She's into yes
some similar things
arts and stuff
and yes dancing

Body's TIGHT
she seems alright ?

So now i've got to
feed my hunger

"Darling can I have your number ?"

She doesn't say no
but here it comes

"There's a kinda bloke,
but how about this ?
I'll take yours though ?"

See what I mean
Girls Just Say NO !!!

I'm not a bloke
who cannot cope
with ... HONESTY ... !!!

So take that in
and let that SOAK !

Trust me girls
when it comes to you
I may be A DOPE !

But One Thing I'm NOT
is a ... " KINDA' Bloke " ... !?!

What is THAT ?
A Virtual Chap ?

Here's one more fact
Girls give false numbers
Girls That's BAD !

Don't lie to men

because wires crossed
without a fence
leaves your house
WITHOUT Defence !!!

"Men do it to us,
so we'll do it to them !"

Attitudes like THAT
just cause PROBLEMS !

with men you don't know !

If you don't like a guy
Cut off his flow !!!

But if the guy
stays in your head
and makes you
want him in your bed

DON'T Get Upset !
If you get WET !!!

'Girls Just NO ... or Better Still YES !"

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