Calm Before The Storm


Some days I wish

That somebody could have told me

That the rain can sometimes feel better than the sun beneath the sky

I deserved to know that

Because I used to hide

And wrap myself inside sorrow

Promising myself that the storm

Is withering and unforgiving

But I one day came across a photograph

Of a vibrant flower withering

But in the sun

And I noticed that the sun burns my skin

And that rays were nostalgic

So I become miserable

And I think that the calm before the storm

Is the scariest part

Because the storm is beautiful

And clinging to fear of the unknown

Is bad and masquerading

Don’t let fears consume your outlook

Because why look out

When you can look in

Treated regrets become faint laughter

And floorboards do squeak

So maybe brittle flowers

And unmarked fingerprints

Can be just as contradicting to each other

As the calm before the storm

Because the storm

Is what we were anticipating all along

So if the storm is unspeakable

What does that make the calm?

Nothing, absolutely nothing

Because they are indifferent

You can’t have a flower

That does not wither

You can’t have fingerprints

Without a motif

You can’t have a calm

Without a storm

You can never have love

Without a cause

Because it is indifferent

Don’t fear knowing love

Just because you don’t have a cause

Everything has a cause

Even if you don’t know it yet.



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