Mirror man

The mirror never lies,That’s down to my mind and the ear of my eyes,The scales tell me one thing, the measure another,Am I bigger than dad, or my friends, and my brother? You’re no true friend,More acquaintance of ego,When I’m up Yelling “Yes!”Then I’m down telling me “No!” Listen up Sonny Jim! You must try harder,More time in the gym, and less time in the larder,You’re a big boy, toughen up, you can take it!Chest out, belly in, hold yourself, smile and fake it. Then relief, as a cartoon filament burns,In the present I ground as my conscious returns,In the court of the mind, this one really is king,With regards to self-image, this physical thing. It’s not about others, or of how we’re perceived,That dictates our progress and rates what we’ve achieved. Yes, I see you mirror, My good time friend,Your incessant whining now come to an end,You’re the playboy blonde arming a lottery winner,If one shoulder’s a light bulb the other’s a sinner, But it’s not my reflection, this derisory imp,Merely teenage insecurity locked away like a gimp,Schoolyard banter fanned flames that were hardest to douse,I’ll show you all, I’ll be big as a house! Now once again mindful, ego stacked on a shelf,I’m back, inner body, all-powerful self,We all love a cliché, they often are true,Sorry mirror, it’s over, it’s me, not you.  

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