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Wompicus lompicus Everyone is scared of a shotgunicus, But what if I told you there's solution to the pollution. Own your own gun and protect yourself!
Checklist for a teacher; remember that there are no guarantees. No city is safe in this place that touts the gun-waving will save you. No, I don't want to be a teacher equipped with a gun A gun doesn't stop another gun
The bullet flies through the air  I hold my breath  I’m to young for death  but the bullet doesn’t care it’ll hit someone so young
The bullet flies through the air  I hold my breath  I’m to young for death  but the bullet doesn’t care it’ll hit someone so young
Every nun wears a ring Brides of god  an astonishing act, as if deception of hell came true with bush marks and artists cheering   Rain is wetting windows, but what about trees
The wars my eyes have seen The bullets emerge from your mouth as you spit and speak Don't shoot, I beg Please surrender This battle is killing me 
i took my life in my own hands and i decided to resuscitate myself  i folded my hand over the other and beat down on my chest i forced air into my lungs
Traumatized Shaking, Crying not leaving home because the nightmares keep following you Keys in your fist Pepper Spray in the other
I wouldn’t be surprisedIf I ever diedDue to arms belonging to my own kind But I know before I dieOnce I pray the pain subsidesI’ll have everything on my mind
Decades decades decades  Each tick of the clock we evolve Gaining insight, losing primitiveness We promised to be “American”
This is a poem about police shootings. What’s are they doing? NOTHING!!! That might not answer your question, But I know something.  
I went to a new school When I was six years old One day our teacher got a call Hide. Is what we were told   Kids went under desks and into closets Hide anywhere you can!
Thoughts and Prayers   My thoughts and prayers are not enough.   I think about how I wanted to start this poem by quoting
Bad Guy With a Gun   We have been studying Hamlet, but now I am sitting in a classroom with twenty five seniors in the dark.    
Our blood is red,Straight ahead it runs,In tons,To the heart that beats
A normal day Just like any other He wakes up parents dead sister scared He goes to school. She calls a friend  who calls the cops. School goes into lockdown, parents are called.
"Pop pop pop!" Something a little girl hears Mind so child like she looks out the window to see the firework show Instead she's a man Flashes of lights that weren't so nice
Grey skies overhead. Blue seas below, waving. Green trees, hoping for a chance to start anew. Red fire giving trees a chance. Grey skies put the fire out, the sea ceases its spread, the trees start anew.
America The Brave They say America is the land of the free and home to the brave. But what about the minds here that enslaved?
The sound comes from down the hall It draws nearer as you fill with dread   They reach the classroom   Shots fire through the room
Summer’s here and the Sun’s Glare Brings little children—aliens— With tinted vision to live in a Body [of water] that is not their home. They see reaching arms
Coffee black The sound of gunshots in my ear As i watch the video, gloved hand on gun, the sounds echoing But i don’t even drink coffee
Years from now say 2034 I stand around wanting nothing more than to be where i am a place so grand everything according to  a careful plan   The walls are soft
How Blood Flows   Blood flows Just like tears flows And love flows   Rooted in pain
How many times, Do we have to die? How many times, Does our blood have to fall? How many times, Will mothers bury their children?
Pick up your guns, lad And right how they've wronged you For they taught you fear, and that violence will fix it   Pick up your guns, lad And take away your pains
When tragedies happen we often think, "it didn't happen to me, So it doesn't matter as much" we think we are a safe distance from the violence.  That's what they want us to think. 
  Piece for the walkout   In all this damnass cold You and I create, Bicker, conclude, articulate. In all this damnass cold
For the victims, I’m sorry. I’m sorry because your country has failed you, as it has failed countless others before you, and unless we make changes
I awake with a scream, my ears still ringing from the gunshots and yelling, the hymns we were singing. We march in the streets and we all yell some more. But it falls on deaf ears
We need to have control. Not control on how we’re taught or what we wear, but on the weapons put on display to be seen everywhere.
I don’t know how I feel about gunsBut I know exactly how I feltSitting behind the PA system to get my volunteer hours inWaiting for the auction to finish and the band to playAnd offered a rifle as a prize.  I don’t know how I feel about guns,But t
By the time you heard it was too late A man is dead the bullets didn’t wait His eyes are closed, his feet are cold, and his life is no longer connected to his soul
Did seventeen people need to die No more to love, or laugh, or cry A historical psychological report vaguely apportions away the blame from those, the clinically insane So who's to blame?
Rest In Peace I find myself saying again After another school shooting. It physically hurts to see the crying of children on TV Like they were the story the news just had to have.
Silence We were suppose to be silent. Kids poured out of classrooms Their mouths still moving, Chatter fills the room.   Talking
Turn up your music Drown out their voice Close your door This is your choice Listen to the lyrics Can you hear the voice? Walk towards your desk Remember, this is your choice
It's appalling,  that the government has no problem controlling a woman's body but refuses to control guns.  It's insane,  the sheer ignorance and deranged blame...
Dear the Future, Can you see us? Can you see the wounds, Can you see the deaths, Can you see the grief, Can you see the fear? Do you remember us? Do you know how many fear the future?
“But the Second Amendment!” they say, Moments before their children are killed by a right to bare arms, “It's because the lack of bigger guns that it ended up this way!”
What am I to do When the guns come marching by In their hollow faces and rickety skin
America By: Tia Rowe America, the Great for it, is modest America, the Brave for it, is a coward
i walked out for what i hope to be a better future   can't you see these devices called guns are killing us all
I saw you last week Smiling and laughing We weren't the best of friends but we were friends
Machine of pain, Which pours blood like rain. You helped my forefathers liberate, You made the home I venerate. Through wilderness and adveristy, There are lives you defend.
How many? How many kids need to be buried? How many voices do you need to hear to do something?  I guess I should be prepared to take bullet or two for a friend Since you decided porn was a bigger problem than a 
I wake up each morning and prepare for a war that is not mine to fight. My backpack strapped to my body like a casual wear bullet vest,
I remember every piece and every bit like it was yesterday Hurt me to my soul hearing bullets cought you 'round the way  Stayed on my toes for some hours, yeah I had to pray
Our poor, poor Queen. Folks say she’ll swallow you in one big gulp, But she cannot eat if she’s beaten to a pulp. Her nipples are swollen from her own ravenous descent, And corporate banks fuck her without consent.
Everything is Dark   I stare out through my window I feel numb and I can’t move Am I scared?   Boom! A flash of light a gun is firing, I don’t flinch Why can’t I look away?  
I used to hate the taste of mangos. The explosion of tangy sweetness, The odd, curved shape, And the disgusting shade of yellow; The one that could only make me think of as Decaying Gold.  
It is the will of few men,That many must die,Petty feuds to mend,And boys in graves to lie, 
As I lay in my bed, I can't help but feel bad that somewhere, some time tonight... A poor child will be dead. There'll be no justice; It is something, society will easily forget.
  Since firearms manifold more bang for their buck, any rational per son or daughter, one wood love to chuck fired and squawks like Donald Duck up in arms at alarming spike vis a vis trigger, where luck
Our thoughts and prayers are with you say the living to the dead  But no one acts to prevent those souls from laying down their head  "I can't live without my precious gun, it brings me too much joy", they say
The hunter's arrow Sleek and swift Pointed straight at my foot What he was aiming for Could not fly   The clouds were not his friends Focused too much on the wormy muddle
There are boots in the dark behind him in the night like the stone cold end to a brave, stupid flight   The boy runs quick as only a boy can. This little boy still thinks he’s a man.
"Our thoughts and prayers are with you," say the living to the dead  But no one acts to prevent those souls from laying down their head "I can't live without my precious gun! It brings me too much joy!"
I am just a traveler in want of a little rest I had been blending through a city of the oppressed Dimming me down to the filthy ground Screaming at me, they surround
Hark  the shuffle of skin and bone  from the bolted door  The softest moan    A miracle. Hallelujah!  they have risen again Heaven set them down god released their sin   
What's to be said for gun control? Don't you realise that everyone lying now dead Had the chance to carry, to defend themselves But went to the nightclub empty-handed instead?  
Went out to have fun, florrick, and take part in tom foolery. Didn’t know that my choice would bring about an icey change of fate. None knew this safe harbor become a hurricane of lead.  
If those walls could talk,  I know what they'd say; It'd be no comfort to families, Whose lights've gone away. For when sky fades to black, And blues turn to grays, And gun's life-taking crack,
It happens when the finger pulls back, In seconds’ metal burst and pierce through precious flesh. Leaving thoughts to go faster pondering What causes common people to have such artillery?
1 sound 2 dead 3 people found but 4 said 5 people entered apartment 6 and 7 bangs caused 8 screams and 9 police cars turned 1 left to anger and sadness level 10 10
Buy the ammo You'll get a discount Courtesy of the NRA You know, the people who sit on leather Wear silk And sip the finest wine Courtesy of the assholes Who lack a moral compass And shoot to kill.
      Do you know what i'm about to do? As I bend over and tie my shoe.
I am Chicago.  Chicago is only two glocks for one block get shot at bus stops hide out from white cops if he flip-flops he's an OPP   POSITIONS! Now we on a mission
The mouth of the metal monster the maw of the morbid mother the giver of gold or gall picking out the particular person plucking out precious people maker of more monopolies
A fly Circles My bedroom
I wanna cry but the tears won't show
Collective consciousness is much easier when defined. Much thought. Contemplation is for  blind.   We move ever closer to claim what seems to shine.
Heavy, wet, warm, suffocation settles
My name is Wesley Zedock.
I'm quiet because they can't hear me... I speak up and they say i'm a nuisance.  
mmmmmm. Your hands are warm...and also clammy Maybe it's cause you're nervous or maybe you're not.   In the end it doesnt matter because after it's done,it's done.
Last Day   I remember the last day. The last day when I had to leave and you had to stay.
Bang...Bang is the sound we used to make as kids playing? Cops and robbers to the sound we make now as adults with real guns.
Guns are firing. Kids are dying. Parents cry. All the police do is sigh. Another one dead and gone. That's another bed empty and alone at home. This shit is like a cycle.
Sit down. Or maybe you should move away from the door. Listen to your professor. Or maybe you should send out once last text to your family members letting them now the news.
A heart pressed like a flower between ribcage pages every beat blooming in the blouse in the backseat the blood fertilizing gravel that will never grow to seed if it does it never grows nice things
Spittle flies in my face. I stare him down. He glares at me. "You don't know anything!" Shouts he, veins throbbing on his brow. "Not all people with guns are killers, "Not all guns will be used for harm,
No one held him As life slipped away He breathed in the last piece of this world As a target surrounded by  Preconceived ideas Of who he used to be Who he was before
Free HimBut what has He done to free himself?
Fresh flesh bleeds upon the ancient grounds of history Flesh that isn't our own Those chunks of human life belong to our brothers and sisters born to delete the wrong doings of war sickened people. They fight.
I dream of a world where there's peace.
Suspicious, what a way to describe you. I am suspicious, too. I walk around black and wear a hoodie so I "slang clack."   Why can't I wear this 'cause I'm cold?
I drudge myself to a rangewhere boys were buzzingby the riflesFantasizing themselves as Cowboysriding the long ride togetherI tried my hand at the complex contraption
Zimmerman shot the gun before he could think.
GUNSI am at the mall shopping with my best friend laughing and dreamingof how I will look in my new outfit.I don’t understand.Why is everyone screaming? Chaos.
What’s up with these kids in schools Why do they think it’s ok To run around toting guns And slaying in the hallways   What makes them think they’ve got the right To take someone’s life
They say I'm young and black Which means I'm going to be a threat When we walk in the store they get straped And the cops always on your back Some do them like O-dog Some do them like Treyvon
They say I'm young and black Which means I'm going to be a threat When we walk in the store they get straped And the cops always on your back Some do them like O-dog Some do them like Treyvon
Please excuse my color...   White man that fears me, excuse the color of the skin I was born in. Im sorry that the dark pigmentation send shivers down your spine. I was born this way, you see.
What people think when the see a white mom with kids   Oh she works so hard. They're so cute! They must be a handful oh terriable two's!   What people think when they see a black mom with kids
Shake My Head What happened?
My School choses hate and discriminate No time for peace There’s only time to incriminate With regular visits from the police   Rumors decide the students’ futures
Where my brother? Where were you when they took my brother? Can you hear him? He is safe now, he has made it home,  But why did you let him take my brother! We was not saint nor sinner but he was my brother. 
    The room goes cold The door squeaks open And footsteps grow louder A hand grabs the covers
"I can sleep through gunfire," He said to me one nightDouble parked in parking lotHalf past closing time
Will this gun violence ever stop? Will we have to wait till we've heard the trigger click of the last glock?
City Streets of Chicago,  my hometown, my motto Everyday I hear on the news someone got shot, Bang Bang,Bang Bang,Bang Bang, 6 shot's fired, 3 dead  found in the parking lot.
It's a different kind of broken heart The kind where it feels like you fell apart Like someone took a dart and threw it directly through your heart   I never thought I'd feel this way
That light that you see It isn't me. My light is broken there is no way for it to be repaired.
By the time I matter, Will it be too late? Will people debate my soul's resting place? Will they predict who I could have been? Will by deeds outweigh by sins? Will they consider these circumstances?
A changing world we live in Where are the times when logic was alive Where fast killing booming sticks didnt kill the young, causing castrophic dive, A place where we seek ever lasting peace,
Bang That’s the sound that makes everyone run. It makes them scream, It makes them cry, It makes them deceived. So easily we forget, Man is False. Man is Imperfect. Man is Wrong.
                     If he wanted the arizona tea and skittles... he could've asked,                            a life pressed rewind from the first breath to the last,
A Canvas of White
Seventeen, young and dead From one man's gun he bled Court, Trial, and Verdict Zimmerman was the one the jury picked He would leave a free man Defense was the reason at hand
What ever happened to the innocent hellos? And the guys mesmerized by a girls eyes.. The days where you had to ask a dad for a date..and he decides yes or no.. And a first kiss meant everything..
  Through the concrete jungle This epidemic is slowly spreading like AIDS through veins Standing, gun on their waist smile embedded on their face Book bag on their shoulder and a fitted hat to the back
The change for Tayvon starts with me.  A young black indivdual who became livid behind the fact that another black soul was taken from this earth. 
When a murderer walks free, Are you still proud to be an American? And when an innocent teen is killed, Why does the killer walk free?   When a man is shot, Do you blame the victim?
 I am not Trayvon Martin....   but I know what it feels like to wear my favorite hoodie that's a little too dark for those who were taught to fear darker things  
You want an idea of human rights,but are you ready to listen to the fights.Listen, listen carefully to my rhymes,about the absurd things occurring in prime time.You know about these absentees,
                                              It’s 2013 and look how far we have come. Maybe we should say, its 2013 and look how far we have not. Walking down the street, middle of the night
In Sanford,Florida 2012 Trayvon Martin was shot but who's going to jail Word says that Zimmerman shot him and pleaded self-defense But who really knows the truth without real evidence Policeman left to right
You Walk Around With A Gun In Your Hand So You Assume That Makes You Tha MAN? You Disrespecting Your Mother So I Know You Respect No Other But It's Respect That You Demand Because You're "THE MAN"
I have come to the realizationthat as a woman of colorI will one day havewith the bittersweet blessingto give birth to a beautiful black baby.Only the third timeI have labeled somethingbittersweet.
They say it's the gun that we should fear. But listen to this. This gun that I hold, listen to it, it cannot walk, talk, or feel. This gun cannot be held responsible for actions of a hurt heart.
I’m depressed which is probably normal for a teenager suppressed from any social life because I balance eight classes, seven school activities, eating, sleep, procrastination  and more sleep.
wake up one day take a look in the mirror i have something to say my message must be clearer i will not be a statistic so my think must stay logistic, theres a lot of wrong in this cruel little world
He was young, you were young. You were friends were you not? So why did you go and do such a stupid thing? You ended his life, you ended your own too. Was there a reason? Shed some light please!
BANG! A shot shatters the silence of night and tears open the chest of a 16 year old boy. His body hits the sidewalk that he walked for the majority of his life.
The homeless starve on the streets, And the people never stopping, never sharing a glance, never sharing a thought.
There’s a rhythm that haunts me. Ssssssssssssouth Siiiiiiide, Represent, And die. I hate the color blue, I hate the color red. My eyes are blue, My blood is red. I hate myself.
Cold metal is no longer terror, ‘Till cold metal becomes warm, Cold metal is her weakness, Yet a friend that always warns.
"Violence is not the answer" - this all smart people know. But "Guns cause the problems, and so they must go" - This second phrase is added by the ones who see the threat not as
Red Orange yellow Green blue and violet The colors of the rainbow but Isn't it funny that you and my colors aren't there So nonexistent like some say God is but It's not what you see it's what you feel
Guns don’t kill people People kill people People with guns kill people People for fun kill people People with psychotic dispositions kill people People with the wrong mental composition kill people
Bang, bang. No sleeping tonight. The Sand Man won't come, No child will dream. Blasphemy on sight.
Whole room grew quiet as your mother cried. "He's been killed," they said, "execution style." She'd just found out her first-born son had died, Crime scene so gruesome and bloody and vile.
The Windy City Where guns haunt innocent souls This city is cold The world claims to care With more killings than the war It is hard to sleep
Dear Jordan Davis, When you felt 8 foreign metals scratch its way through your chest, did it drown out the music?
I wish my phone would ring I call home, waiting alone, dial tone screams my mind's cold behind this blindfold of space and time I can't escape it I'm waiting and like a fine rope this line holds
The destruction it leaves the people who grieve Is it worth it to have a weapon that leaves people so sad? We need them to hunt we need them to survive but some people just have them
ghastly silence crept in like high tide in spring. flooding. subduing. spilling over echoes of playful banter. one, two, buckle my shhh--- until
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