You Me and A rainbow


United States
40° 0' 24.4044" N, 75° 17' 7.6632" W

Red Orange yellow Green blue and violet
The colors of the rainbow but
Isn't it funny that you and my colors aren't there
So nonexistent like some say God is but
It's not what you see it's what you feel

Do you know what it feels like to be my color
Being the crayon that no one picks
Can't walk down the street tea and candy in hand

Do you know what it feels like to be a color at all
No one sees you and assumes your dull
like my pencil after I'm done writing this poem
No one sees you and ask is how long did it take to do your hair
As if I have a jungle on top of my head that needs to be mowed weeded and tamed because of the wild strands that rest around my crown ever so perfectly without touching the ground of my shoulders

Do you know what it feels like to be a color
To watch the news and see a boy who is the same age as your brother 56 dark skinned brown eyes and a smile that stretches from ear to ear when he says hello
to watch your country the one that millions of my color are fighting for across the deep blue do nothing to revenge the red and rainbow Colors that drop to the grey pavement as your color shot a silver bullet through his red beating heart

Do you know color?
You can't because your color doesn't exist in your eyes you can walk around this big blue and green ball of rock in have no care
Cause no matter if your hoodie was red or blue like the bloods or crips no one will ever associate you with them
But if I or my fellow brother were to walk around in that same attire we will be shot in a matter of seconds

Because they are too coward to face my color
To see that I am willing and able to fight to all means necessary like Malcolm X said
They are too coward to admit they have killed so many of our prophets
Starting with Jesus and ending with Martin
King of the continent that could control this world
If only your color stop fearing mine

We were always taught to color with in the lines
Fit the mold of thick black lines and never stray
But I picture cannot be made without the colors
Red Orange yellow Green blue and violet
All the colors of the rainbow but what's funny is that you in my colors are nonexistent the rainbow but one our skin

But you fail to realize that though you can hide behind the Government seal which is just as bad as a pointy white hood behind both your and my skin is the same colors of the rainbow
Blood turning red from blue as oxygen hits it any large beating Red heart controlling it all
You and I made from the same colors of the rainbow but until you can let go of your fear that allows you to kill my colors use and elders

I will never be able to walk home from work or school
Arizona and sweet goodness in hand with a shadow over my head shielding my heart from your eyes because your fear of my color causes you to take my color's life into your nonexistent hands and shoots a silver bullet into a brown skinned body's red beating heart
But let my message to you be clear
you and I both come from the same rainbow

-Tyler Goodwin

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