It happens when the finger pulls back,

In seconds’ metal burst and pierce through precious flesh.

Leaving thoughts to go faster pondering

What causes common people to have such artillery?

Posing a threat to the innocent

And wrongly influencing many.


It happens between nations in unjust wars,

As countries fight for the causes of their leaders,

While civilians are caught in the crossfire

And the children have to grow harder.

The people have not made the choice to fight,

So they are forced to either live with their neighbors

Or try to claim their home and die or fight.


It happens in the schools in the states,

Anger and confusion overwhelm students,

Influencing them to take the lives of many or the life they hate.

It is heartbreaking to believe these actions happen,

Over the idea of students having no stability in the future,

In a system that makes students worry

More if they will make ends meet and less from what they’re learning.


It happens in the streets that I grew up on,

The countless traded innovative futures,

Only for gaining quick cash and neighborhood glory.

A fight breaks out, one man can turn to many,

Then they turn to the blood and exterminate their enemy.

Why would they shoot a man for his associations

When he only is just trying to live.


It happens all over the world,

The causes are different,

The results are the same.

Fear of blood spilt and losing life!

Growing up, I thought there was no stop

When the iron barrel faces you, you’re stuck!


Until I held one and found a button that can make the bullets stop.


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