the shuffle of skin and bone 

from the bolted door 

The softest moan 


A miracle.


they have risen again

Heaven set them down

god released their sin 


But, like any bird fallen in flight 

we know we mustn't risk the plight 

We raise our last respects, 

and shoot on sight 


God walks!

Such a blessed sight 

From their unmarked graves

 a gossamer cirrus of the brightest light 


Now we must do with light 

what we know must be done 

we'd best immolate 

those who rise

before new life's begun 


Oh! What magnificence

Christ smiles in their eyes 

from the the embrace of death they climb

Now we must kick them back before they rise


God will forgive us,

for this wreched deed 

for he built within us 

a nagging fear 

one that we must always heed







This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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