I saw you last week

Smiling and laughing

We weren't the best of friends but we were friends

We talked at random times but you still made me laugh

You made me smile

You were an awesome friend

And I regret not being able to talk to you more

I regret not staying in contact more

My bus drove past the police

The same police that where there for you

I felt something wrong inside me

But I didn't think of you

I knew you lived over there but I didn't connect the dots

Now look at me

Sitting on the floor crying

The day after your gone

People started sending my screenshot of the news

Asking if I was okay

I still didn't picture you

I heard that a seventeen-year-old girl died

And I heard them say, JoJo


Then the world went hazy

Everything blurs together

Slowly things fade back into place, hours had gone by

My phone vibrates across the floor

Pictures and kind words of you flood my screen

And once again the world blurs

I can feel the tears slide down my cheeks before they hit the screen

We weren't the closest of friends but you where my friend

And other have more right to cry for you

They knew you more than I

They messaged you more

They have a right to cry as hard as I am

It's hard to breathe

Little things set me off

And suddenly my world blurs again

I will never see your infectious smile

I'll never hear your infectious laugh

I'll never see you again

I can't think straight

You flood my mind

My friend is gone

Your gone

I keep thinking that someone is going to laugh and say "Ha I tricked you"

But it never comes

Taken away to soon

Only seventeen-years-old and already your life is gone

You made your home on the stage

You skipped across campus

And sung in the hallway

Everywhere you went people fell in loved with your personality

Now here we are

All of us so different from each other

But we stand together and support each other because we know

We know how it feels to lose someone

Because we all lost you

I wish you peace

That you'll always be remembered

That they remember you on stage singing

Or on stage with poetry

Your voice could warm the coldest of hearts

Your love was gran

You touched so many

I'm glad I meet you

I'm so sad to see you gone

Know that I cry for you

Know that your voice will ring within my mind

Your laughter will echo in my ears

Your smile will flash across my eye each time I close them

Later I tell myself

Cry later I tell myself because you left so many people behind

I'll cry later after I know that they are alright

By then the pain of you will have faded

I'll replay my memories of you until they become unreliable

Until then my dear friend

Shall you Rest In Peace among the stars

Shall your voice sing among the angles

And shall you watch over us

Rest In Peace

JoJo Hollway

(February 27, 2000- October 24, 2017 )



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