Rest In Peace I find myself saying again

After another school shooting.

It physically hurts to see the crying of children on TV

Like they were the story the news just had to have.

It’s tormenting to see that nothing has changed

After all this protest from Parkland’s shooting

After all this protest from Sandy Hook

After all this protest from so kids with no reward to come from it.

That’s because this is America,

Where Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will and have been spent

Picking up the calls of your child who could’ve died

Mourning the lost of the children who did die

Panicked forever because school is just another word for possible shooting range

Because, again, this is America.

Here is where the guns get better privilege than white privilege

Where our generations and future generations are being picked off one by one

Where the stories of royal weddings and viral trends are more talked about

Then the real news of the dying everyone else.

It’s funny to see how everyone deals with grief

Especially after doing little to nothing with gun laws

He says

“My administration is determined to do everything in our power

To protect our students [...] and to keep weapons out of the hands of those

Who oppose a threat to themselves and to others.”

Because the funny thing is you didn’t do anything to fix this before,

Nor has any government administration before,

So how can we trust anyone to mean what they say?

Actions speak louder then words

But I never knew something like the three-fifths compromise

Could be the protesting and ever losing Americans vs

The inaudible, life less and yet life taking, cookie-plattered guns.

Our generations shouldn’t be

Dodgeball where we instead dodge the bullets

In schools

From the police

Who only seem to shoot the innocence

The colored innocence, like Trayvon Martin and Stephon Clark

Who are now not only black or brown

But are stained in red

Uno where we have to count our blessings if we are left standing

Chess where we are the easily reap-able pawns 

The skip-it’s that just got jumped over

The hot potato that got too hot to touch

Like the slight burns left from bullet wounds-

Do you think this is a game America?!


Because I’m tired of it.

America isn’t what it used to be back in 1791

We are ever changing and so should the mind set.

It’s not the America that many think can help better your future anymore.

To those who still come to America for a better life I can only say:

Quédese en casa

o usted y sus ninos serán el próximo objectivo.

Stay home or you and your children will be the next target.

The American dream is dead citizens.

The land of the free and home of the brave

Only stand for the citizens who have stayed long enough

To continually bear the pain America has brought to the survivors

Or the prisoners left behind,

Because this is America.

Where things won’t seem to ever change

Even after the constant begging

The constant prayers

The constant protests

What will be the last straw for America?

Because honestly I’m tired of it already.


Rest In Peace Americans

Because you may be next.

And although officials may say it through plastered lips

I’m saying it

As my last human to human connection

To all.

This poem is about: 
My country


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