Gun violence


Your hands are warm...and also clammy

Maybe it's cause you're nervous or maybe you're not.


In the end it doesnt matter because after it's done,it's done.

Its never your fault though,its always mine.People fight for me, people love me but ...why?


Do I make you feel protected or maybe I make you feel powerful?In the end it doesn't matter because after it's done,it's done.

People fear me, so do children.Used for violence that seems to always be rising. But it's not your fault,it never is because once its done,it's done.


You try to protect me in hopes that I protect you.You fight the law for me,But do I do it for you? You see a man in blue holding me and a stick and you get scared.I would to after my years of abuse.

But it's never their fault,it never is because after it'sdone,it's done.

BANG!!!!!!!! BANG!!!!!!!!!!

In the end,it doesnt matter because after it's done,it's done.Its never their fault,it's always mine..... when another child is dead or another black man.

It's never their fault,it's walways mine.


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