By the time I matter.



By the time I matter, Will it be too late?

Will people debate my soul's resting place?

Will they predict who I could have been?

Will by deeds outweigh by sins?

Will they consider these circumstances?

These ghetto homes and how the poor advances?

Or regress from stress

Poverty, violence, and disease is the best

Way to erase my fate, our fate.

Will they consider my face, before its too late?

Trayvon Martin's face on black and white t-shirts

Blacks and Whites rehearse

How to recreate the hurt

Our mothers and fathers, their mothers and fathers cursed.

Emmett Till...

Graphic, gruesome pictures still

Resonates, the layers of hate

Sparked the civil rights movement 

We move when

Its too late?

By the time I matter, will it be too late?

I'm too common in this too common space.

People like me can be easily replaced?

By the time I matter and the people with my face

Who has this fate, be easily replaced?

All because they are too common in this too common space? 



Ebony Gilbert

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thats was great I feflt every bit of your pain while reading this keep up the great wrok

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great piece overall

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