I'll change For Trayvon


The change for Tayvon starts with me. 

A young black indivdual who became livid behind the fact that another black soul was taken from this earth. 

Forget zimmerman, forget the judical system, forget evevrything thats happening in the world right now and listen to what i have to say. 

Why do us black folk get mad everytime white person says "NIGGER" , OR "NIGGA" but we use it agasting eachother?.

The change for Trayvon starts with me.

"OH Shut Up Nigga "  or "Nigga, Please" are common phrases we use against eachother . 

The change for Trayvon starts with me. 

Why are we so quick to pull out a gun on our so called "niggas" but the first time a WHITE, MEXICAN, INDIAN or whatever pulls one out we all of a sudden want Justice? can somebody answer that..?

The change for tayvon starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with all of us.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

we need to voice out the importance of unjust and injustice

we need to come together as a community and challenge ideas we disagree to

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