R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

No one held him
As life slipped away
He breathed in the last piece of this world
As a target surrounded by 
Preconceived ideas
Of who he used to be
Who he was before
The gun sounded 
He was the victim
The one who 
Fell to his knees
And died alone that night 
The one who was stalked 
And fought 
For his life
With nothing but
Fear and the thought 
Of making it home alive 
He was the victim 
But they clawed the word
Of of his 
Cold innocent 
Lifeless body
And stapled the words
Aggravated assault 
On the memory of his life 
But his life was stolen
By squinting eyes
And preconcieved ideas of his kind 
eyes that saw the danger 
In Long strides 
A theif in dark clothing 
A target in chocolate colored skin
And now one more mother
Can't hug her son tonight 
Can't kiss away the pain of 
Bullets with harmful intent 
Can't wipe away the tears from the fear of being 
Gunned down by hate 
We have a deeply rooted history
In the hate
In despising a person so much
That you would rip God of his right
To take a persons life
Hatred beat Jesus Christ himself 
And stapled him to a cross
It mutilated emmit till for
Complementing a white woman 
It shot Martin Luther king
Tied a noose around trees in
Gena Louisiana
Enslaved human beings for thousands of years 
And sits in the hearts of millions today
Just as it sat in his murderous car 
Hatred sat
Criticizing everything 
He assumed about
Black men
Cursed the brown skin
Of a 17 year old boy
Who dared stroll down the street
Of a neighborhood so well
Protected from the dirty smudges 
Of brown skin
Struck by suspicion
Of a black boys steps
Hatred led him down the path of repeated history 
Judgmental eyes locked on the dark skinned
Black figure 
Moving in the night
Hatred assumed was up to no good 
But the 17 year old boy walking home from the store
Im sure was no stranger 
To the assumptions
Of who he was.
I know he must have 
They like to play 
With our kind 
That our  faces are their favorite board
To put up
But the main target is our eyes  
He Must have known 
Because Im sure 
His dad he told him
Maybe not verbally 
But in that noncommunitive 
Way a conversation 
Like that one 
Gets discussed among black men
Surely he heard stories 
Not just the ones 
We are obligated to repeat every February 
But real life occurences 
The Every day hatred 
The watches black men
He must have known 
Now i dont know what happened 
And truthfully 
You're the only two who
Ever know are the murder
And the murdered
So empathy will never allow you
To state facts
So dont act like you know
And assume porcelin skin never lies
Dont blow off the truth
When reality is staring at you
Burning like the sun
As bright as the sun
With blood-stained hands and body mass
Twice as much as our lost son
Dont let the self defense fool you
For that too makes you 
A victim in the white mans world
Just another gulliable mind
Too dumbfounded
Too damn blind
To open your eyes and see
That just because
Whistles and cat calls 
wont get you maimed anymore
And theres finally a president
More colored in diversity than diamond white
Dont mean that hatred no longer exists
A blind man may not be able to see
His reflection
But he cant see color either
So ask yourself
If color was never a factor
If the world was painted in
Indistinguible colors
Would there be a 17 year old black boy
Slain and laying dead under 6 feet
Of "I did not have to die that day"
Tell me then does it seem suspicious
Can you look in the mirror
And wholeheartedly say that
It is possible for a 26 year old
To cry self defense at the hands
Of a 17 year old black child
Or is this just the cycle
are we just reliving history
Except this time
The black president isnt Kennedy
And were not fighting for equality
Were fighting to proove
We never really got there
In the first place
Just illusions to soothe minds
But until we finally get to the world
Where racism is of the past
And black skin doesnt
Make you a threat
Rest in peace
Trayvon Martin.


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