Fitted Caps And Gats


Through the concrete jungle

This epidemic is slowly spreading like AIDS through veins

Standing, gun on their waist smile embedded on their face

Book bag on their shoulder and a fitted hat to the back

The juvenile assassin crotches; ninja ready to attack

Ready for any sudden aggravation to set forth the release of frustration

The prey moves

The assassin smirks ready to move to the grim groove

Innocently the prey turns

Instantly the shinny grim reaper emerges

Closing eyes, mocking the gangsters, the reaper is on an incline


Like the fourth of July, the reapers nuts as his children fly

Imbedding themselves in the preys chest and thigh

Inpreganting the prey with the embryo of death

Legs dropping like the twin towers

Drowning in red liquid

Eyes rolling like dice

Body feeling feather like

THe prey collaspes

In the surroundings, the people scatter like roaches seeing the light

The assassin flees, like gazilles fleeing for their lives.

Away, the assassin gets praise from the Sensei

Adds a check on where a chart lays

Returns to the lar, out comes the 2k he plays

Laughing the day away

Night annd day make up and break up

As the assassin continues his groove

Heroes plan their heroic move


As night breaks up with day

A range of pounds like african drums 

As heavy as the assassin's elder

Momma unlocks

And the countdown towards the end tick tocks 

Presperation fills the force and pits

The assassin flies out the window like Usain

Carrying silver savers, the assassin is knocked doown like Bush exerting a tackle..

Balling like Irene

He's locked up like a murder fiend

Shedding water like the Titantic sinking into it's watery grave

Taken into punishment.

Locked away he is.

With no 2k or basketball rums

No hat to turn bck.

The bars clank.

Slealing his fate with a kiss on a flank..



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