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"Violence is not the answer" -
this all smart people know.
But "Guns cause the problems,
and so they must go" -
This second phrase is
added by the ones
who see the threat not as
the people, but the guns.

The legal gun owners,
They play by the rules -
They shoot where they ought -
They aren't the fools
Who think guns are toys
and use them for "games"
that leave small dead boys
behind unashamed.

Is it licensed owners
Who get angry and bitter,
Who use guns on others
To make it all better?
Or is it those who have
ILLEGAL weapons instead,
And use them to get
In way over their heads?

Look back at history -
How many massacres there
Where all had their guns
And nobody cared?
Jefferson knew
The potential results
If guns weren't allowed
To every adult.

If more people legally
Got license and gun,
The destructive, bitter ones
Would get much less fun.
Lets keep all our guns,
And use them today
To keep loved ones safe
And evil at bay.



While guns can be used for evil in the hands of bad people, they can also be used for good in the hands of good people, who are protecting their loved ones and their freedom. A gun is not good or bad - it is the user and the act that is good or bad.

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