Free Him
But what has He done to free himself?

Lil man grows up in the ghetto
Steps on the scene as a teen
All he thinks of is his next get rich quick scheme
Forget school
Forget books
He's worried about his looks

Young man spends years popping others
He's the man
Thinks he's a modern day godfather
Aiding and abetting his own kind
Who knew one day he would finally get popped from behind

Grown ass man standing on the corner telling the kids to stay in school while he awaits his next transaction
Closed mouths don't get fed on this boulevard
He's even selling to kids in the schoolyard
He gets locked for possession and intent to sell
Little does he know his kids and baby mothers are sharing the same prison cell

Malcolm, Martin & Medgar have already freed him
But yet he enslaves himself right along with others
Look what has come of our brothers
They have joined our superior
Black on black crime
Too many friends and families doing time

Free Him they said
Free Him they wrote
Free Him they prayed
Free Him they cried
But what has He done to free himself?


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