Evil Descends

Went out to have fun, florrick, and take part in tom foolery.

Didn’t know that my choice would bring about an icey change of fate.

None knew this safe harbor become a hurricane of lead.


As the clock’s hands neared two AM none feared of whom would appear.

Final call had been sounded when the bedlamite man casually decided to take many lives.


The sound of busy clubbing soon transcended into loud rounds from a gun.

Time to run but where? Good God the blood is all about.


Ravings from the bedlamite man as the cries of mercy went ignored.

My ears are collecting cries, prayers, curses, and more fuming words of the unstable gunman.


A mantra quickly formed in my mind “Let help come with Godspeed or else let there be a hero among us”. The surroundings quickly became foggy as a strong hand firmly griped my wrist.


I soon felt the coolness of fresh air overwhelm my skin and then my senses however the shrill sound of sirens filled the air.

Flashing lights of calming blue and bright red signaling hope for the poor souls trapped inside that box of a building.


For the hours that unfolded after all was said and done.

The words terrorism, fear, grief, and many more are stopping the presses.

Will the world remember the fear I felt?

Would anyone care about the fact I didn’t even realize a bullet grazed me?

I survived when so many did not.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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