The Gun or The Man?

That’s the sound that makes everyone run.

It makes them scream,
It makes them cry,
It makes them deceived.

So easily we forget,
Man is False.
Man is Imperfect.
Man is Wrong.

Alone, can the gun do harm?
Will it shoot if no one it there to pull the trigger?
Can it kill when it cant move?

So easily we forget,
A gun is a tool.
A gun is an object.
A gun is useless isolated.

Thieves run from protected houses.
Criminals avoiding guarded family’s.
Protection under safe hands.

So easily we forget,
Criminals do not care what they use.
Criminals can get anything through underground.
Criminals do not care for our laws.

Why is it then you take our guns?
Why is it you take our freedom?
Our protection.
Our privilege.

Why do you hate us America?

We are only trying to keep our children safe.



Thank you for writing this poem. It was very eloquent yet concise. I also completely agree with you. I hate how people blame guns for crimes when the gun did not and cannot commit a crime. Even if everyone got rid of guns, the criminals would still find a way to get them. They do now. Unfortunately, not many hold this point of view. Again, thank you for sharing your view in this poem. 


I wrote this poem for the millions out there who feel the same. I know someone who will post this on a republican website and other sites for responsible gun owners. I am glad I am not alone in this fight for our rights

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