The Streets


United States
37° 37' 37.2936" N, 122° 2' 58.7472" W

There’s a rhythm that haunts me.

Ssssssssssssouth Siiiiiiide,
And die.

I hate the color blue,
I hate the color red.
My eyes are blue,
My blood is red.
I hate myself.

“Keep a look out”,
Call if you need me…

The bullet that passed between a child’s eyes,
As he walked with me to school…
His blood pooled around my feet
The knife that took another’s life,
Before he could call for a ride home…
His blood pooled inside my heart

I’ve seen so many…
Moments of stillness
And fear.

Close my eyes tightly,
I have so many nightmares.
Screaming for a family that was never there.
Failing in a system,
Where I am a number,
Never a person.

“Silly naïve little bitch!”

Scars on my body,
Bruises covering my arms,
Broken bones,
Crushed lungs-
Crying for myself,
And praying for something…

…I never learned the word…

As I lay upon ashes,
Starring at scattered dreams across the darkness,
With my blue eyes.
Even if I am lonely,
We are all so lonely

Waiting for,
A strong, yet tender hand to hold onto mine…
When I am no longer in need of soothing…
No longer lonely…

A time when a child will walk with no fear,
No bullets between eyes.
A time when the streets when represent,
Do not murder us themselves.
We are not just statistics.

The streets play a rhythm that’s haunting,
Chorused with screams,
And bullets,
Before silence.


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