Sun, 07/27/2014 - 22:55 -- Dayvon


Bang...Bang is the sound we used to make as kids playing? Cops and robbers to the sound we make now as adults with real guns. How do you tell a five 5 year old his best-friend has just died? Due to an accidental drive-by do you lie and say that he ran away and found a bigger and happier place to play or do you tell him truth. Switch I got all I need now I got my gun and my crew. So if anybody steps to me we'll shoot them and watch the body drop. Switch screams is all I hear when I tell the lady to fill the bag with money and down on the ground. I'm sorry bout I don't know what else to do my family needs this so please just do it. Switch I'm a real gangster and if you shoot one of my gang members we'll shoot 3 of yours. Then next thing you know we'll start a gang-war and I’ll be one of those bodies lying on the street floor just like my father. Switch now I’m the one at gun point hoping and praying that the last words I said to my friends or family was never words of hate or regret. Switch now I’m the one holding the gun I'm sorry I don't know what else to do. I need the money so walk over and bang... his body drops. what do I do what do I tell the police do I tell them that it was an accident, the trigger slipped or that it had a mind of its own. What do I tell the family do I tell them the same thing or do I just tell them I'm sorry for your lost? Switch I don't want war I don't want revenge so what the hell do I need a gun for, but rather than all that all I really want is my cousin back.


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