"Let's Control Ourselves"


United States

By the time you heard it was too late

A man is dead the bullets didn’t wait

His eyes are closed, his feet are cold, and his life is no longer connected to his soul

He’s free from his struggle

How did he die?

A man in a store looking only to buy a tie

To a poor boy who robbed a store

How effortlessly does history repeat?

I had a dream, but it wasn’t this

For once in my dream

Somebody shot a gun

And they missed

Let’s Control Ourselves

A normal day

A choir of school bells

Ring in harmony

The fragrance of youth fill the halls

An unfamiliar sound strikes their eardrums

Fear enters their heart

A gun stained with a message

And a person who intends to send it

Bullets are out

And lives are taken in an instance

Let’s Control Ourselves

Behold those who can hold those weapons as a symbol of protection

A man buys a gun because he feels he is not protected

An act of irony

What does this mean?

Either we hand these guns to attentive hands

Or they’ll shoot as they please

Let’s Control Ourselves

Loads it right and shoots us wrong

The land of the free, with so many hostile arms

From a shop, you can get it

With only an id, no background needed for admission

I  knew he had plans but I didn’t know people lives were included in it!

We have to Control Ourselves

If only we saw the signs, ahead of time, yet we did

Different states, with the same amount of rounds

It’s time to lift people up instead of telling them to get down

No child should have to worry about is there a gun behind that smile.

A man was shot at point-blank range for simply being asked to pronounce someone's name

No boys should have to worry about skin color because a gun is the punishment for being a brother

A town dreads the echo of gangs when the sunlight is cut out

This country is ours

We say no Guns

Let’s control ourselves now


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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