A Conservative's Slam for Orlando

What's to be said for gun control?

Don't you realise that everyone lying now dead

Had the chance to carry, to defend themselves

But went to the nightclub empty-handed instead?


That doesn't make Mateen right, not at all!

But the only way anyone stands a chance

Is if they take the bullet, and sling it back

At this sorry, messed up fool of a man


I don't agree with the homo lifestyle,

But I don't agree with murder either

One doesn't touch me, have it your way

The other puts me six feet in the mire


God is the Judge, and it's his way, or not

This is a hard truth to hear, and even harder to say

But while murder is a sin, so is your lifestyle,

And neither you or Mateen will argue on Judgement Day


Mateen's chance is gone, he's certainly in Hell

And unfortunately so are his 49 dead

But they didn't get this chance to repent

Before he aimed a bullet towards their head


That doesn't excuse their life all before,

And the commandment has stood for thousands of years

So to those that are left, repent and believe

Before it's your name being carved on a bier



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