Excuse My Color

Sun, 01/26/2014 - 20:12 -- Lea

Please excuse my color...


White man that fears me,

excuse the color of the skin I was born in.

Im sorry that the dark pigmentation send shivers down your spine.

I was born this way, you see.

It's something I can't control.

Please, Excuse my color....


I put my hoodie on my head as I walked through the rain

Called up an old friend to prevent lonely Drake feelings.

I feel a man begin to follow me.

Like a spider, 

I am more afraid of He than He me.

I take off, 

afraid of what this monster is capable of.

Come to find out,

In his sights I'm the monster he is protecting everyone from.

Please, Excuse my color...


He followed me.

He ran after me.

He harrassed me.

He had a fire arm.

I had skittles.

I had an Arizona,

and I had my hoodie on.

All because my skin was darker than his he saw me as a threat.

All because he was raised under racist ways,

a bullet had to penetrate my chest.

My self-defense against his harrassment was viewed more deadly than his.

I didn't know concrete caused more damage that puncturing my rib.

Please, Excuse my color...


White man, Hispanic man, Asian man, Whatever man...

Why do you fear me?

What have I done except live my life my way?

I not once bothered you.

Not once did I follow behind your every step,

but somehow I am the one in the wrong in the ways of the law.

I am charged with LWB,

Living while black.

A story that needs some fixing, so my people may relax.

Please, Excuse my color...


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