Shake My Head


Shake My Head

What happened?

What happened to the King’s dream of the American people no matter the ethnic group or religion being FREE?

I used to believe in that dream fully!

Now that dream and the feelings it brought me have been tarnished!

Stand your ground law?!

No, It’s I am ABOVE the law!

I am free just like the many citizens of Florida are free to murder anyone I deem not worthy to live.

I am free to claim self-defense and destroy a family’s livelihood because I am NOT required to evade or retreat from a dangerous situation.

I could be put on trial and claim self-defense; it doesn’t even matter if I had intent!

  I am immune to criminal charges and civil suits

I can act without consequence to my actions.

I have a malignant heart.

Today you see more and more deaths within the African-American community in Florida.

Stand your ground law?!

No, It’s I am ABOVE the law!

I have the best alibi possible.

I am a human being without a heart.

I am an executioner.

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