Nights Of 2013

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 00:19 -- Poet77

                                              It’s 2013 and look how far we have come.

Maybe we should say, its 2013 and look how far we have not.

Walking down the street, middle of the night

Man gets suspicious, Man starts a fight

No weapon, No gun, I should be safe in my town

People take one look at me, and attitudes are turned around.

Is it fair, is it okay

For me to be labeled by my race

Spend one day in my shoes; wake up with brown skin on your face

Face the Adversity I do, then try to tell me things have changed

Does it scare you that you’re wrong, that you feel a little deranged?

Blacks are stupid, blacks are thugs

Yeah I get called that quite a lot

If I was, if I am, does that mean I deserved to be shot?

Fair skin, blue eyes, I don’t have them, and I’m proud

My ancestors built this country; your ancestors bossed them around

Peace is what they want; peace is what they won’t get

It’s time to take a stand for our rights, be heard and don’t quit

I am not Trayvon Martin, but he is definitely a part of me

So next time you open your eyes, I hope it’s not just my color that you see

Its 2013 and I refuse to sit back and wait

To my generation, it’s time to stand up and be great.

Written By: DL


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