Did seventeen people
need to die
No more to love,
or laugh,
or cry
A historical psychological report
vaguely apportions away the blame
from those, the clinically insane
So who's to blame?
The guns & ammo mega mart
‘ten to ten thirty’ with one early start
and when we add your discount on
your 556 is two for one
This will keep you safe from harm
and fill you with an inner calm
constitutionally exercising
your right to bear arms

But the pride and the bigotry
warmly embrace
the flawed ideology
you seem to crave
The frequent excursions
out to the range
the pictures, the comments,
the posts that you make
And all of the guns
with the turn of a key
just to protect your liberty,
you've quietly collected
and put in one place
and no-one’s quite sure
what you've got in your safe

And yesterday
for no reason at all,
you invited yourself and you guns
back to school
and killed a few people,
who never knew why
the rhyme or the reason
why they had to die

The sheriff slightly hesitates
as he again reciprocates
The actions that he must enforce
the same bloody story,
the same tragic course
The sadness for the families loss
the justice served at any cost
changes to amendments asked
then voted on,
but never passed
and now the second one's a farce
a faded parchment from the past
protected so its words will last
behind a big thick sheet
of bulletproof glass.


This poem is about: 
Our world



My view on a how it is

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