Last Day


Last Day


I remember the last day. The last day when I had to leave and you had to stay.

I want every detail fixed in my mind, of smiles happy and voices kind,

That last perfect day of my life.

We weren’t drove apart by argument or strife, but by the bullet that took your life.

I waited in the parking lot, breathing cool spring air,

My mind at peace, without a care.

When you came, I dashed to meet you, we hugged for a moment but there was still much to do.

We rode by the sea, you and me, our horses strong and running free.

With wind-blown hair and harts without a care

All I can say: it was heaven on that last day

We laughed, ate and talked deep into the night, cold, unable to bring fire to light.

When you left we hugged each other tight, promising to do it again

But promises brake before they bend.

A few months later when I heard the news, I felt my heart break in two, 

Half filling up with heartbreak, the other dying with you.



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