Lets change!

This is a poem about police shootings.

What’s are they doing?


That might not answer your question,

But I know something.


In 2018, 992 people where killed.

How many termination papers did they fill?


That’s right Z-E-R-O?

Now that number gotta go.


Stay quiet and trust the blue,

Baby that only works when I got the flu.

Who can I trust when I’m in danger?

Just because I have on all black and i'm a stranger.

I get shot at the corner store,

Then fall right to the floor.


Young successful black man,

Without a tan.

Who am I?

Trayvon martin.


Now let’s stand up for what is right.

I can still see you in the night.

Scared that if I come out I will have to fight.

For what?



For everybody to be treated equally.


Who am I?

DaQuavion Slation.

I was only 20 years old when all of this happen.

Shot and killed in Fort Worth on Monday,

But the police don’t care to them it’s just another “gangster” off the streets that would of gotten killed someday.


Now let’s stand up for what is right.

DeQuavion,Trayvon and many more.

Let’s put an end to this war.

Blue uniforms against black skins,

But it seems like black never wins.

Let’s fight for justice,

Fight for peace,

Fight for everybody in the streets!


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