Hindsight Isn't Always 20/20

“But the Second Amendment!” they say,

Moments before their children are killed by a right to bare arms,

“It's because the lack of bigger guns that it ended up this way!”

“Yes, give weapons to teachers! That'll protect the rest from harm!”

No one stops to think about the common denominator,

Just because they want to feel cool, just like the terminator,

They live a way of life so fragile that a missing bullet can cause it to shatter,

A train of thought that says, “Those other people don't matter.”

But then they see the people they birthed lying dead on the floor,

Now tell me that it doesn't matter once more,

Tell your parents that you supported the thing that stole their grandchildren,

Tell your country that there's no other way this could have been,

Even if the guns were all taken away,

Tell yourself that it would have ended the same,

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My country
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