You're The M.A.N


You Walk Around With A Gun In Your Hand

So You Assume That Makes You Tha MAN?

You Disrespecting Your Mother So I Know You Respect No Other

But It's Respect That You Demand

Because You're "THE MAN"

You Up and Leave When Times Get Rough,

Pull Out A Gun and You Think You Tough?


Ha! Oh, You A Man Huh?


Calling Women Out Their Name

But Will Snap If Someone Treated Your Mother Or Yo Sister The Same

You're The MAN So You Have Every Right To "Do You"

Say How You Feel


The Substances You Deal...

Making Money The Get Rich Quick Way

Not The "Head In Your Books" Way


Oh, You A Man Huh...


Baby You Make Me Laugh...

Because You're "The Man"

But Your Perception Of "Being The Man"

Is A Misconception Of A Real Man.

You Are Man, M-A-N

Misled And Neglected...


Oh, Yeah. You Are Indeed A Man...


Mind Confused and Affected...

By The Lies Of The Streets

and The Lyrics To The Beats

That Say It’s Okay To Get It Any Kind Of Way!!

Okay To Lie To Steal,

To Sell Drugs and To Kill!


Oh, Yeah... You A Man...

Taught The Wrong Way To Live,

Taught To Take and Never Give

Taught To Hurt and Always Harm

Abusing The Right To Bear Arms...

Misled And Neglected...


The Real Man Is The One Who's Dead

Who Rose Out His Bed To Make Sure His Family Was Fed!

The Man Who Stayed In A Book

Did Everything It Took, From His Goals, Never Shook!

The One You Thought It Was Okay To Kill,

Because You Knew He…

 Had A Pocket…

 Full Of Bills...


Oh... You A Man Huh?

Misled And Neglected...



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