City of Streets


United States

City Streets of Chicago, 

my hometown, my motto

Everyday I hear on the news someone got shot,

Bang Bang,Bang Bang,Bang Bang,

6 shot's fired, 3 dead 

found in the parking lot.

I see tears flowing from eyes filled with sadness and anger.

Momma saying "Someone killed my little boy and he was only 16"

Sirens going off

blood running through the streets unseen.

One by one, shot down

FOR WHAT, of course nothing

just because you killed someone doesn't mean you wear the crown.

People today live in a world  of hatred, greed, and crime.

Do you think this is fun and games?

I hope not cuz you only giving people shame in our name.

You think your big and bad cuz you got a gun,

But,listen to me,

When your locked up, your completely done.

Just because I'm a teen doesn't mean I shouldn't be talking about this. 

 I should because I have to go out into a world knowing that I have to watch my back in a swift. 


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