I Dream Of A World


I dream of a world where there's peace.

Where violence, killing and shooting doesn't exist.

This is my dream so I'll pray for this.

They shot my cousin, him and his crew,

And all they wanted was his new pair of shoes.

I dream of a world where there aren't crooked police.

I hate the police because they are the biggest pedophiles and hypocrites.

They are the biggest creeps.

The police shot my cousin and didn't have anything against him.

When we got to the hospital, we couldn't even see him.

They killed him!

Leaving his mother to go to the morgue to identify him.

I dream of a world where there's happiness.

No giving up but continuous hopefulness.

I dream of a world where people try to help,

Not when they look at you sideways because you don't have the dame feelings they felt,

Not where people judge because of the hand you were dealt.

I pray that you don't pick up and leave because everybody else left.

I dream of a world where everybody could succeed,

Not where people have no hope so they start dealing and selling outside on the street.

They wish that things didn't have to be.

But they feel that they don't control over the life that they live,

the life that they see

This is too common for a black brother in society.

I dream of a world where there's love.

No fighting or shooting in a club.

Put the guns down so that we can all have fun.

Stop being a thug so that you can help that little boy or girl.

We're not different, we're all one is this world.

I dream of a world thats peaceful and full of love


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