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If I can’t hold you closely, I’ll embrace no one else. I don’t ever want to feel the heartbeat of another girl. How I wish you could hear the pounding of my heart.  
When Sedrick first met Chrissie, she was eighteen years old. Chrissie had big eyes and she was a pretty girl. She accompanied her friend Emma to visit Sedrick’s mother.  
Veo Tu belleza en tu sonrisa Tu belleza en tus ojos Tu belleza en tu cadencia Tu belleza en tus fragancias.  
                                                  Occasionally We see Phenomenal matters of love
I'm going insane.Ifeel I can't breathe.Because no matter where I go, snow, hail, or rainI feel like someone's watching me just down the lane. Blood always pounds in my ears.I can always picture my darkest fears.
what a sight to behold, your loving green eyes in the soft morning light. i could reminesce for hours on end upon the moments i have fallen deeper, deeper into an unending love.  
Good night my little wee oneIt's time to close your eyesIf you'll but wait till morningYou'll get a big surpriseThe sun will smile and greet youIn ever changing skiesFor mom and daddy love you
I realizeI have real eyesThat see real lies—     ~Nearsighted          (rule of law)     ~Farsighted          (rule of lies)     ~The "ayes" have it          (hidden agenda)
Sun scorching, sweltering, sizzling beach.My hardened soles resist the heat.Sunglasses shielding my eyes.White cotton ball clouds glide.Along deep blue skies.But I’m blue too.
Neither you saw nor you noticed that my eyes was on you from the beginning It left you for some time but then you made them again stuck on you. Neither you saw nor you noticed
When you look into her eyes Trying to find whatever lies Behind those dark stares, Under that cold skin of hers, Beneath the crown she had worn, All you can do is fantasize: What would it be like,
The few moments I spent with you gave me an inexpressible feeling I wanted you to stay in my arms and gratify me, but you had to go .
What do you see when you look in my eyes? Can you see all the memories that I so strongly despise? So badly I wish that I could cry. Or even better, I wish I could get high.
All I want is to hear you speak Your sweet words bring melody to my ear Say you love me one more time And assure me that you’re my darling Please give me another short kiss
Honey, your pretty eyes give me a thrill. You’re a captivating lady and I adore you. Why do I follow the river to the coast? I go there for you and your pretty eyes. Every day I pray and wait for your love.
I smell the whiskey on your breath Third day this week Once again you had too much Once again you took too much Why must I love you so much?
I touch your soul with just a glance A spark of blue that floods my eyes Yet I’m anchored to their comfort You look back and see the world While I see one glistening star You see the universe
Sometimes, I see it in their eyes. Their irises are green, like a spring day And their pupils black, like a midnight sky.   When they are awake, Their irises are the color of green grass,
Burning,My eyes are burning,A family recipe of allergies and tearsThey spill down my cheeksThey pool at my feetCryingI can’t stop itI am no longer in control hereThey go where they please
i could get losT in those eyes. beHind them there are other worlds, lights, and sensations thAt take you like a tidal wave. the world fades away around us for a Time, and it’S an epic euphoria, all the little while.
Dear one, what did you say? A dining hall, a distant day, It seems it was time For goodbye, Speaking of my eyes, ‘They shine so bright’, Words said (or words of this kind),  
I’ll always remember the first time you smiled at me. It wasn’t the soft curve of your mouth, Ii was the sparkle in your eyes. It lit you up.    Like nectar for a bee, it drew me to you.
you asked me what I see in your eyes. I could’ve been cliché  and said I saw the sea, but instead I said, that I see a whole world in your eyes. With a fading blue-orange sky and crickets chirping and little children playing outside. With smiles  
Those eyes Peering straight into my soul No matter what always glad always love filled Thank you
Lines of green and purple When you’re so used to Seeing light But now in the dark  
A time or two they had rolled under the bed, through the closets, around in my head. Tired and worn, they had seen so much. Pain, hurt, love, friendship and such.   A time had come to put them to rest,
Have you ever stared into another's eyes? It's mesmerising, almost intoxicating. The colours can be so vivid. From the brightest greens of ferns and leaves. To the deepest blues of a lake or the sea.
I once heard that My eyes hold an identity That is not entirely my own.   Where are you from?  
I speak my wishes into existence. I will no longer go through this self resistance. I set myself free to fly amongst the sea.
It's the same thing everytime. A presentation is assigned.   Names starting with "A" are the worst. I know I will be called on first.   And sure enough, without a doubt,
The window to a soul.
Shadows cover my face It’s no warm embrace In case you didn’t notice, I am not a pompous little lotus. I see what some cannot The hours passing through an empty lot This place is far from home
Eyes like the ocean  In more ways than one They get trapped in the waves Swallowed until there were none  As the eyelashes flutter The wind blows stronger  Get lost is them both
I saw you in the sky I saw you in the clouds I saw you everywhere With me, without a doubt   I kept looking at you Couldn’t keep my eyes off
Reflection September 10, 2018 ~ Monday Wake up one day Staring into the face of someone I don’t recognize Are those my eyes or hers
While everyone watches the sun set I watch you I watch last light find refuge in your eyes And i envy it What better home could there be Than right at the doorsteps to your soul
What do I see When I look into your deep, blue eyesI see a deafening silence that hurtsAn ache for a hug that gives comfort
In your eyes I see wonder everywhere In each of your glances and every stare Your eyes rich and full of color Read situations like a scholar
my present quickly swirls into the past the feeling of home overcomes me at last. shades of masquerade envelope the room flickering shadows setting the castle a gloom. as the tornado of dancing swarms around me
If I could look into your eyes deeply, see your soul Your baby soul. Like remembering my own; you'd know I love you forreal, embraced in a cradle. Admiring soul
since seeing is believing, i close my eyes,  when i hear lies, because seeing is believing...
I didn't want to think about the way you said my name; the way your soft, rose-pink lips moved and curled in a way, a way that made my heart stop and start so abruptly.
Your eyes remind me of honey. Of warm summer nights. Of nights where everything was peaceful and laughter filled the air. Nights spent lying awake dreaming of what could be.
Dear onlooking eyes,   We’re all thorns One speculated look Will prick another   One judgement can imprison another mind Poison begins to seap It could slowly take over  
Dolphin Gray -  The color of my favorite  Crayola Crayon  At six years old slightly blue-tinted gray catching my eye
you broke me broken inside I now am you touched me in places others can not reach my mind places I did not want the world to see you told me to let you in the light house
Why do you make me see the world the way I do? Why can't I see it the way I did before all the bad news? Why are you showing me the pain from people around me? Why do people find comfort in you when I can't?
dear the one who feels like home   when we were together you looked straight into my ocean of a heart and relieved me of some of its weight some of its noise  
This morning, I noticed something I have such beautiful eyes Which is weird I've never been happy with them Nor sad either I haven't felt any sort of feeling with my eyes Until I looked the mirror
Dear Blue, The look in her eyes shows the pain The smile she puts up is just a phase She has been living in such a daze. Plays pretend with reality
Stacy, I can still remember your gorgeous pearls, those devilish items revealed the greatest treasure for me. These riches could only be a girls. The pearls gave me a view into the sea,
Dear You,   This is my least favorite part of my day. I can never escape her eyes. And my body can never escape her judgments.   "Bent, broken, barbed" That's all she seems to say as her nails
Do not say anything, Not even a word. Even if you want me to, I connot ablige. Untill you have seen, My life through my eyes.
I can see the dying trees And the blooming flowers, The strikes of lightening  And the drizzling rain.  All through my window I can see these things.    I can see the working bees
Your eyes locked with mine; It´s tight, as there´s no key to unlock us. Looking into you is my value. Looking back at our memories; Being able to laugh at the good and the bad,
Cheerful crow’s feet by your eyes Those turquoise orbs melt me In the sunlight, I see the stars You lift me   Your perfectly straight teeth
My mother,  a true Caco women, a wingless butterfly who flew to New York without her skin. She who once stood under a flaming red tree stepped back and let go of me. She lost her father,
Your smile isn't brighter than the sun, infact, compared to the stars its a fraction. I won't get lost in your eyes, but please don't let this demoralize. If your smile was brighter than the sun, it'd be unnatural,
I look into his eyes and See a fantasy world. Filled with unique colors... Colors not yet identified.   Shy sparks of blue Hide beneath his smile. They light up the sky
your eyes are as bright as the twinkling starson a cloudless nighteveryone can’t help but to stop and stareat the beauty of the earthuncovered in the night skygracefully dipped in moonlight
I look in her eyes I have never met someone Who made me feel the way The early morning sun And the splashing waves On white sandy beaches Make me feel Until I saw into her eyes
Her eyes were like diamonds, glassy and sharp. They pierced into the souls of whomever came her way. They were the reason he wanted her so badly. He felt a longing, a pull, that he could not explain.
Are you here with me?,I want to see your bright eyes,Fervent and complete. 
The distance is great,Every centimeter pain,But I see your eyes. 
Rocking in azure blue, Fluorescent lights all around, Rockets flying; left and right, lawyers sue,
And I think it’s funny Looking up at the sky In the darkest of nights Like those days I looked in your eyes I can see everything I see all this world We are just a speck 
i like to dress for an imaginary girl(we will meet each other soon) by putting ona silk tie with subtle Chinese birdssewn in.she may be picturing me in her mirroras she applies exactly the necessary line
It comes suddenly, doesn't it? That feeling, that prickling sensation, crawling across the nape of your neck.
They caught me off guard on a normal weekday afternoon, They matched your smile when I first saw it come through, They danced and sparkled when you laughed at my expense;
Eyes.Accusatory eyes.Staring blankly at meOver their mother's back.Hands.
Flecks of gold in An ocean of blue Too bad I drown Before I found The gold, or you.
it feels like i’ve finally figured out how they made your eyes:   add one spoonful of honey sweeter than any words i’ve ever written;
His big brown eyes are what pull me in, He thinks they’re dumb,But I think they’re beautiful.I look into his eyes and I find a story,  
As she contacted my eyes, her words lost their purpose and gravity, becoming dulcet echoes, gradually drowning in the mellow sea of my subconscious reality.
I couldn’t tell you what I thought at the beginning of this year Every word people said were just words that… Bounced off my ear   I graduated high school with a 4.0 Easy for me, everyone expected me to
As I write, my heartbeat accelerates. As I think of him, my hands start to shake. I thought this was what I was waiting for all my life. The year 2016 is when I really had to put up a fight.
I remember the colour of her eyes Staring up with me with more heat than that Summer day. All the fire, All the passion, All the greens and browns and golds.
City lights and pollution covered the sky. Will he ever see the stars glimmer through his brown eyes? He was lucky to see the moon. Most nights helicopters and airplanes had taken over where stars were supposed to loom.
like bird afraid of heights Or night losing moon and stars In her eyes Your heart was always mine .. -Jordan Jessie
That boy was only 17 Lyrics coming out from his eyes Those hands Those eyes His guitar, my ukulele
Your eyes,  Cold, hard, Dark as the night sky, They stare at me, Empty, Holding nothing but brittle air, Saying nothing more than lost love
The eyes of the past Look at me with shame Look at the the pain you caused And you're the only one to blame   The eyes of the present Look at me with calm The past is the past
Irises like a green spring leaf mixed with the bright-brown foliage of fall, You say you try to help me, Lies, You help me through it all. Your smile makes me smile, it's as simple as that.
Perfectly powder blue iris’ of yours display my past present and future back at me parched lips of mine dabbled with a subtle rouge
After a couple years with you I realized that my favorite color isn’t purple   It was brown   No Not any kind of brown  
She has so many secrets Beneath those sea blue eyes So much she's never spoken So many hidden lies She wants to show her real self But in fact she's too afraid She thinks if she takes off the mask
Again, I have fallen into a deep  vast  ocean blue where there is time for me and  you. The lilt of your  voice is oh so familiar. The shade of your eyes
Yesterday, your eyes were green.   They were a subtle green, the color of a springtime meadow at dawn. They were the color of hope; the color of trying again.  
Moon shineSun shineweave through the linesthat divide and marginwhat we interpret as realityonly what is tangible and experienced but what of the invisible?
I take a look inside your eyes, A daring quest I know. I long to hear the lullabies, And feel the fresh white snow. I want to see your memories,
Look at me. No, look at ME. What do you see? Do you see the me in me? Or do you see the me you only know? The me outside of me? The me that everyone else sees? Look at me.  
I sit and stare at you And ponder upon your beauty. Wondering if you find me beautiful? Wondering if you realize how handsome you are? I sit and peer into you. Wanting to see deep into your soul.
your eyes were a much deeper blue than i thought causing me to dive inside to run around and get lost but i'm terrified that by tomorrow you won't be there like before and i won't have your eyes
And your intellect is wasted.Let me tell you, your words will lose their depth.Because she hears them and smiles,but they are hollow to her.They are just an extension of you.
Ethereal sensations pass through me as he searches for his answer, Yielding to the slightest touch of his hand as my own
There are galaxies behind your eyes With more than a million stars. But why the constellations of your skies Look exactly like my scars?
I wear my restlessness  Beneath my eyes I am restless Restless from heartache  Watching my loved ones fade away And letting others do me wromg Restless because I am afraid
I don't believe that I've ever seen Eyes quite like yours I thought they were blue But maybe they're green? Wait, now they're both I'm not sure what to think.  Look straight ahead, 
Your eyes remind me of Monet'sImpression, sunrise. Like standing by the water,At five o'clock in the morning,Sea breeze and an oversized sweater.  Full of promise and new beginnings.Like rays of light dancing on the harbor.Salty air and messy hair
In the night sky The star’s twinkle To the rhythm of my heart The man in the moon Sings me to sleep With the sweetest melody Made of light and convex beams   Colors dance in the daylight
They are everywhere Watching, waiting for a slip-up Waiting to criticize you for  everything you do.   There it is again! That feeling  of eyes on you. You turn and search for the eyes 
Lids yawn to consciousness and Awaken, blind to the Mysteries of 6 am and the Shapes and colors dance like the Creatures of last night’s dreams until Lazy lenses work toward order,
If I were to look outside and see, A world so full of rich, verdant green, My hands would itch for my pen and ink, Whilst I paint in my mind before I blink.   The space of darkness between each look,
What I need is some security I know finding someone worth keeping is a rarity Believe me this ain't no chairty Cause all I need to survive is a little love But waiting for someone, is something I'm sick of
Green eyes stare back into mineand time becomes lostWe talk under starshineThough tomorrow we'll pay the cost
    I see you, when you see me I see trees dancing to the wind’s rhythm I see children making music in the park I see water moving down the mountain’s back
I fell into his eyes...
I looked into my eyes one day Stared right into my soul But scared to go that way I turned around and fell into the black hole
It's Enough Just to swim In the deepness Of the Sea It's Enough Just to twist As I'm unlocked  With a Key It's Enough Just to have Your eyes gaze  Down on Me  
The eyes reveal truth, Hate, passion, where the heart fails The eyes prevail.  
"Her big blue eyes So full of tears Seen so much Over all the years Her big blue eyes So deep and cool They look so happy But don't be a fool It's okay Don't be afraid
People are like apples picked from a tree,The beautiful ones with no imperfections are picked first,but that makes them bitter and unripe. The bruised and dented are picked last,but that makes them sweet and delicious.
dreaming of your eyes and the way they see the world brings me so much joy
a true blessing they are they upgraded my eyes no more silly glasses to hide me from the outside   although they may be costly I do love them so for I'd choose sight over money
I remember how you would look up at the night sky. Your eyes would look up in wonder at those little twinkling lights, a smile would sneak upon your face. And for a moment, you would glance back towards me.
I stare into her eyes and they tell me all I need to know but I ask anyways  Why do you push me away? Why do I feel the way I do when I hold you?
Eyes that  see Ears that hear  We read His Word; We hear His voice I find in Him my rest.
she came she saw she took what she needed with soft hands by her touch   she then approached him he came again she called him in she wanted
She saw Him He saw Her   Both on contacts with the eye   whatever were the distractions to be   it was but a sweet meet   a sweet feast a joyous joy
Saintly silent waits he, to have a silent slight glimpse of her again, he silently misses her milky face, her big round eyes.   Saintly he waits silent, for his silent alarm to ring again,
Haphazardly beautiful rocks Spewed onto the Ground bright and Safe through eyes of Blue Shade so sweet to eyes of brown red eyes see it Dead, Rustic eyes Move fast and catch a glimpse
In your eyes is rain on the dese
In this small world where we live in, Where "busy" is the only word leaving our mouths, Where our feet are stuck in the past, Is there any path towards the future? Without any thought about our actions,
I begin to drown in an ocean of blue, only to realize I've forgotten my life jacket. These eyes, they take me without invitation. I'm sucked into a whirlpool that leads to an endless gaze.
You say you’re not not deepBut your eyes have a different storyThey tell me you want to enjoy life and make it funnyYou want trust again but afraid of failure
My reflection is in my eyes And in my hands They are always moving Trying to find an abode Trying to find a cause Looking upon the distant faces With no color to define them
Can You See?   Have you ever wondered how a cave would react if light would stream in unashamed?   Could you imagine the things you could see
Social Media is a game controling our life.   Loging on to Facebook Recieving "Likes" Logging on to Twitter Receiving "Favorites" Logging on to Vine Receiving "Revines"  
I don't know what color his eyes are. I know that they're somewhere between blue and green and gray but I cannot say exactly   I have memorized every detail of him. I could map out his chest and 
I am an exhalation
Eyes are our passageways to see the world In one simple movement, eyes reveal a kingdom of color and life from a realm of darkness
I've been searching for a way out of this blurred vision.   Among checkups and lenses I watched through pink frames. Instead I am ostracized
Words coming down, Hurtful and unnoticeable. Pang settles in the heart, Uncomfortable and unbearable. Next comes the tears, Wanting to wipe away, Yet with pride in the way,
When it comes to drawing,   moving a utensil across a page.   I could create a masterpiece, but   have the eyes be lopsided.  
One look has more power than a lightning strike for in her eyes you can see the impending storm The fierce clouds that once colored the distance
Behind the eyes is something hard to find. The doorway to something beautiful, dark, or kind. It may be lost, buried deep beneath the shadows that loom inside.
I remember his eyesThat they reflected mine,The golden encapsulated,Red-flecked beautiesThat so often got us confusedFor brotherAnd sister.
Everything seems so clear in you eyes
My eyes keep burning from what seems like one hundred hours of staring into a dry wind. That wind seems determined to send my retinas into a drought. It hurts to close them.
Behind the curtains of my eyes Hides a glare A stare A lie The carefully crafted façade The fragile, cheap disguise   Behind a mask lies another Feeble layer of an onion
You think my eyes are boring.   But my eyes are chocolate lava that burns into your flesh.   My eyes are the gorgeous mahogany obsidian encrusted jewelry that you will never be able to afford.  
Your eyes Like fire Swirling, Clawing, Grasping, Falling and rising again. Shooting away sparks, dying and rising again. Twisting, Tortured, Dying.
It hurt..I remember it hurting as it filled
In my life I have experienced change with time. Life, death, moving, changing. It's all apart of it. I look into the mirror and look at how I, myself, have changed.
Without a filter
Deepest dark brown eyes bury your pain in me now my eyes will be deep
Your eyes are like the ocean full of secrets someone could get lost by staring to long some people enjoy them yet some people never have yet to experience them
Little blue eyes, looking up at me You gaze and I wonder what you'll be You're hand wrapped around my finger tight I promise to hold you through the darkest nights   Little blue eyes, so full of dreams
Every time I walk around  The bullets puncture me The bullets of your eyes Your stare, the way you watch me  It stings into my soul but you know what I can get shot and survive
I don't appreciate  when you approach me just to tell me that I'm so blessed  with such a sexy body.  And you have no right to be offended when  I don't kiss the ground you walk on
Your Eyes No they don't remind me of the ocean they are no where near a sunset  or a mid-summers day Your Eyes they are a galaxy  I stare into them and gasp for air
I am not a perfect angel
She had sadness in her eyes Everyday of her life, And no one knew why.   They didn't know The memories that haunted her Each and every day Of her short life.  
Porcelain   Where are you? What are you doing? This is not right! Unacceptable! Is this what you pictured?  
I have a confession. There is a someone, A special someone, A someone who warms my smile,
My eyes say it all They tether and beckon, Billow, shake, disrupt and push  My eyes are more eloqent than their empty novella
One day they might be a turbulent seaWisps of passionate blouse and foamy greensSwirling, raging, trying to capture meTumultuous waters only I’ve seen
You may have it all, With your lovely eyes and bashful smile, But all of you won't matter in a while. I've given in to the greater good, And it's time to let it be understood.  
There's a girl in my English classwho always looks out the windowand sketches little people on the side of her spiral notebook.
My heart thumps as he comes closerpalms sweating, breath quickening.he sits at my table and glances at mewith eyes as blue as the ocean.
Can you feel it? The embellishment of my essence. Do you understand what makes him valuable? It's his thoughts combined with his actions.
Scrutiny. That's the world I would use to embody a mirror. Not vanity, or beauty, or even reflection. But scrutiny. 
Though she is fragile and shy, her eyes tell a story she cannot hide.  Green as the leaf of a rose,  her eyes attract you. Why? You don't know.    Though she is fragile and shy,
You say my eyes reveal my soul To expose what lies within …but what shines through The careful mask I wear just for you?  
My eyes are blue, like the sky at night when the stars are out, illuminating the distance between Point A and Point B, but they never cease to shine,  even when the day replaces the night, 
My dreams are re-told stories that swamp my mind while I sleep. They're all violent, but never entwine in one another.   One. I'm smothered.
No matter how I look, no matter how I am percieved, I have the fire within my eyes,  Emotion I can express, That can intrigue, Stir up emotion   Sexual, 
Long limber legs clumsy yet cultured- diamond shaped face both priceless and scarred- bouncy brunette hair too complicated in the mornings but too simple at night- who is she?
Sparkling        thats how they're seen Blood shot               how they feel                           after hours of work Portals to the soul               thats how they're cliched   
As I go through my day Trying to keep my head up & just be okay.
For gorgeous eyes, pursue the good in people For an attractive mouth, speak words of grace For a narrow nose, keep it on everyone's level For a slim figure, share the food you don't need to those who do
Windswept into an unknown journey,
You come to find that life isn't going to love you Stay in your bed till you feel my body become numb. Stay in bed till YOU feel nothing Light shines through your window, and there you still are
Eyes. They see beauty, They show fear. They take in each piece of life Through a simple blinking action, As if taking a picture, Letting the lenses soak in its surroundings.   My eyes
They make me happy. How they sparkle and shine, A golden brown, Like the rays of the sun. You make my heart melt. Your eyes so beautiful, I can't control myself. Your eyes so beautiful,
Gaze on me only but for a second, and thus I shall know That in agonizing uselessness are my feelings of woe. For when your vision crosses mine I seek no other but the eyes of thine.
Your eyes used to be so bright They looked straight forward Unnerving but more alive than all those around you, They used to look so colorful and awake   What changed you?   Was it the people?
Dearest pinky, so small and frail,
One eye Stung by a bee But with no eye working You cannot see   Two eyes As it´s meant to be But two eyes means one man And that´ll get lonely   Three eyes Unusually
I like to think i know you and that you know every dark corner of my being. how much is exchanged when gazes collide?
Close your eyes, Close your eyes and breathe. This can’t be me, This isn’t happening to me. But it is. And you can’t help it, But what did you do? Why you? The weight is over bearing,
She smiles so deeply that it leaves imprints on her cheeks. Her laugh brings joy to others that are far beyond her reach.
As I look forward, I feel an icy blast, the bright blue envelops me, I am powerless to resist,
Calm.  Dangling of my fingers over the edge of a boat, gently caressing in and out of the still water. Blue. Grey pale mountain peaks, hazy off in the distance. Warm.
It is during waking hours that you simmer on the back burner. Softly existing Gently rolling Around On my tongue In my mind
You held me  Caressing flesh Tracing curves Turning your porcelain skin in circles  around mine My body, scarred  lived in Yours smooth
The first day of middle school, dread and fear. This is what started my eighth grade year.   I knew no one, not one single friend
  …   With every shade and every tone Oh how your eyes, how they chill my bones
Behind these blue eyes are much more than you know Smiling, twinkling, and glowing is not always what they show
Your eyesThe windows to the heartYours bring out thoughts of the most beautiful scenesThe things that make it hard to partThe green of an alive sea full of life.
How? How do I rid my mind of your presence? You linger like the scent of incense, drifting through my thoughts.
As I sit in this room I feel my problems rushing towards me; hoping to consume me. I know I won’t be able to out run them, so I let them come.
 A world without people is like a sky without rain You can't support anythingBut when I look at you.I feel like I'm alive againBut fear courses through me like nothing I've ever felt
If you point your eyes directly at a star, expecting to see a brilliant sparkle in the black, you will be inexorably disappointed. Most stars are only visible in the periphery: they are too dim,
At times, hands cannot express more than the heart. However, at others, the hands become merely tools of passion used on a lover. The hands are oft accompanied by other tools
Them big brown eyes – they swallow me So deep, in sleep They’ve wept, parents crept Away from dreaming, hoping young Not so much as mockingbird sung I saw, my own brown eyes
My hate is embedded in a never said promise
Her EYES   Blue as the ocean   Peaceful as the morning breeze   And when a secret is amidst. They close slightly in curiosity, peering through my scalp, demanding to know what’s on my mind  
Just because my mouth doesnt say the words "I love you" doesnt mean its not clearly written in all CAPS in my eyes...
He'll glance, Every chance he gets. A peep from the corner of his eye,  a slight sweep over the dusty library books. But no smile.   A flat unresponsive mouth.  
Save the newborn eyes So that the mind grows astonished
"You don't know what I say in my mind Close to my heart"--"get your face out of their behind!" "You think you're so this and so that all that pride and ego talking, take a seat"...so she sat
Locked and trapped,
I love the girl with the vampire bite
The world is a lonely place for a child so small, Everyone is big and scary,
I miss you so much it hurts or maybe i miss what we use to have, I use to think the phrase "i love you to much it hurts" wasnt true, but as I can see thats the definition of how im feeling.
They see the world around us. the pain, the hurt, the grief. They see all the injustice that victims must endure. The agony people suffer, and who no longer wish for life.
Eyes tell so many stories. 
Just close your eyes And dream a perfect life. Instead of living An imperfect one.
I find it impossible To tell the world you love somebody Until you truly know The color of their eyes  And I don't mean The generic Birth certificate answer Her eyes are not blue
They shine, they glitter, and they dance to and fro.
When we live in the freedom country,
From my first faltering breath, whisperedPronounced words bound in abandonSpace in deafening silenceScreams muffled in mourningBulging eyes proclaimClarity, reinedUnrestraintSeekingAir.
The pain hurts.  It rips, it tears, it brings heartache It is following in my own wake. Fun at first that's what I saw, A perfect image without flaw. immediately I had to take
Those beautiful brown eyes
Her eyes 
Her hair frames her face in tarnished-golden wringlets barely going past her shoulders her face, long, glowing with  elegance and grace  her eyes, an aqua blue so light in tint
Your eyes, filled with love. One brown, the other hazel. I can't look away. 
Autumn. With hands bearing no harm.
I blamed myself. my seeds too low.
All the eyes surrounding. broken.
She’s got old eyes Deep eyes Window-to-the-soul eyes Ocean eyes Ancient eyes Never-let-you-go eyes   She’s got queen eyes Strong eyes Lift-you-from-your-knees eyes
Eyes, They are windows to the soul they say – But do they work both ways?   I see the smiles that don’t reach their eyes, The laughter that doesn’t reach their expressions But they don’t see my tears.
When looking into your eyes The brown flecked storm of hurt and goodbyes Bores into you while a cement truck paves a new road for you to venture on by When looking in your eyes The pupil goes wide
 Gentile rustling sound ever clean,sleep-warmth mustering themuse in me,hands shown in prominent bone come
These eyes are the windows to my soul. Look into them and tell me what you see. Happiness, fear Sorrow and tears...
her firey eyes burn her pain and use it life coal to fuel her hate gaze into them, you will reviel the ache she will forever feel make way for her tears and her regret shes thought it up, her mind is set
If I could sum up, all the feelings I experience When I look into your eyes, so beautifully bright So close-up, demeanor so imperious
I remember the first time I saw those eyes— It was like jumping off a cliff into green and blue rushing water. The current pulled me in. That refreshing sense.   Those eyes—
I sit motionlessly, watching the bright rays of light dim over the horizon. I can hear the soothing sound of the waves striking the rocks, and the wet footprints running across the sand.
Stormy gray, Dark or light; Blue as day, Or black as night.   A centered ring of blazing fire Glistens brightly like the stars; Glinting hints of lust and desire,
Misty morning on a dew dropped day;
Lies, passion...so discreet, live in the eyes of the loves who meet. Blinking and sweating with zeal, your soul saddens when my heart you cannot steal.
The strength of a smile, 
Awake as an owl a desert bird the orange eyes the streetlamps cast upon my wall a shadow like a longship on the desolate wasted oceans or only my lampshade
In your minds, we're all the same.We the students, you our masters.You do no wrong; who are we to blameWhen suddenly comes a disaster?This is not realistic, not at all,
People of different ages, genders, and identities stare into their reflections;
My little younger sister, Was told when she was seven, That she wouldn't see so well, Maybe till she got to heaven.   She has a rare eye case, Rentinitis Pigementosa,
It takes a while. Speaking. Writing. Communicating. These are all things which people take for granted. Luck. Something which does not come easily to me. Ouch! Unfortunately, this simple word is said a lot. Almost daily. Too often. Brain. Head.
Blue for tears the sadness hidden inside.   Green just as emeralds vibrant  alive.    Gray dark clouds  preventing one  to enter her soul.  
You are so lovely I see beauty in your eyes Bringing me comfort
You looked at me and said, “I hate my eyes that are dull and brown. They are not blue and pretty, They are sad and make me frown.”   I looked into those deep brown eyes,
I've never been led the wrong way Never been lead astray Your brown eyes take me on a journey To another demension I mesmerize thinking about us What we could have
  My eyes are the most beautiful  when I am crying.   I’ve always admired the irony in that.   At my lowest point, my eyes contrast the misery flamed inside me.    
When you look me in the eyes, the rest of the world disappears.  When you look in my the eyes, I am almost brought to tears.  The way you look at me; like I hung the stars in the sky, 
Your eyes are like a setting sun on silk green grass flowing to the wind I have nt slept since the last I saw of them I long for them, I long for their master Long for the soft cherry red lips of sweet sugar on mine
My vice is her eyes; Pale-blue, two frozen moons. I am powerless.   May I find shelter, In you? I am brisk and bleak. I am December.   I am drowning in Her cerulean maelstrom.
    Close your eyes. Thats what everyone does during a horror movie. When the music swells like a wave, Warning you of some unforeseen terror.
Eyes met eyes walking by Time that once raced, stood still And if it still sped, care not did I For the eyes that I met could kill   A voice rose up inside my throat Not a word did I speak
I want to see thoes eyes the eyes staring at me the eyes of vision kind eyes looking sweet looking at them  As they stare back  a loveable look  the one that sends butterflies
Honey-colored sunlight  Softly inching toward me  Warmth sinks   Through thin white sheets  Deep into my skin Filling my lungs  
Paint for me a beautiful picture, A masterpiece to unfold, Something impossible to learn in a lecture, Your hidden story finally told, Each little whisper in my ear, Causes a delight in some way,
I wear glasses to see better.. But is worth it, To take a look at one girl  and say "she fat.." "She so fat, the make the floor shake..." "Make table break," But that's what we say in our eyes...
The color of his eyes are like diamonds. That stare through my soul.  Beautiful eyes, blue or green.  As green as the grass but with a simple switch of his mood,  turning as blue as the sky and ocean. 
Her doleful eyes pierced his silhouetteThe mind, pushing back his tearsleft his heart unguardedAs lies escaped his breathso did their security
After I looked you in the eye that first time,When I stated my mantra, and parroted my lines,And asked for your name, and forgot it moments later,I realized I had sinned against both you and your Maker,
Eyes of an everlasting sea-blue sky, Greeting my own whenever we two meet I notice them as life passes me by Knowing our next union'll be bittersweet And still those eyes haunt my eternal soul
  Eyes are like the doors into our minds.  You can tell just by looking into someone’s eyes what kind of world they live in. Whether it's dark and night or happy and light
I hate those eyes, That filled the empty void, I hate their soft glow, that promised me everything. I hate those eyes, that let me into your heart, and welcomed me so warmly, told me I am home.
Crisp,clear,oceans deep. Stir within me feelings. Open my soul,bare myself to you,make feelings brand new. Sapphiresin the night sky.
Hands lock, fingers curl. Eyes twitch. Just a few of the many things we do together. When walking on the beach, seagulls high above us. People waving hello as we get higher,
tears of eyes are  valuable   speech of lips are powerful   heart with love is beautiful   life with friends is most wonderful
The light in his eyes shine bright as stars and just as quickly, are snuffed.
Swirls of color, brighten golden like the sun; your soft hearted loving looks,  accompanied by the touch of your hand;  smooth gently comforting strokes. Lips tweak up to form a happy smile;
A white orb of light Hangs out amidst beautiful dust To accentuate her amount of might Especially when it causes much fuss
I was told as a young girl that eyes are the windows to the soul. But as I grew and looked and saw I found in the reflections of sunglasses shallow pupils and mirrors
If you could only see my eyes What would you think Would you look for beauty Or would you watch me blink Would I just be a photo A picture in your head Or would my eyes be portals
The way you gaze into my timid eyes, You have this way of conquering my breath, So when you leave me I do not but sigh, And dwell upon your beauty underneath. The way I gaze on your enchanting face,
A Look Through My Eyes. Outside stroll, what do I see? I see the charisma, the spirit, of New York City. Skylines, and skyscrapers out in the distance. My oh my what a sight to witness.
Jade and steel. (Jess) Jade and steel Passion you can see,taste,feel Eyes, a souls window A rabbit hole to her past A message from her future The ever needed guide in her present
I woke up from my nap and my eyes were really dry. To the bathroom I applied the eye drops. Twice I blinked. They were still dry. Dry and red, Irritated.
When I look in your eyes I see where I want to be I see the anger I see the happiness I see the pain I see the love I see the tears
I can feel him staring His eyes always on me Covered my sunglasses But I see his face move Window, mirror, window, mirror As I walk to school One day there were no glasses I saw his eyes
I gaze at his eyes, a color I don’t recall; forgetful in love.
To look into your eyes is to see fire Set ablaze by the creator Himself. The way you gaze only takes me higher. I wish to keep you and those eyes myself. I look and fall into a pool of blue,
There is no clear moment when the change sets in, No preciseness in its hold. One day, it just has you. A cold, unfriendly grip, One you tried to ignore for so long.
Your eyes, green with flicks of brown. They swallowed me whole. They took my soul. They flipped my world world upside down.
i see eyes, looking down from above watching me; holding me into existence leaving me hungry; without hunger leaving me in love; with no one to love leaving me everything leaving me nothing
It takes real eyes to realize the real life I used to see blind until I realized the real lies I lived in a utopia where love was our core But that’s when I was four, now the thought is nevermore
My eyes The gate to my soul Hazel-blue and full of secrets When you look in my eyes, What do you see? Temptation? Fear? Laughter? Happiness?
For the first time, the windows open Staring at the strange lights surrounding Afraid of the big bright world
Piercing through a heart. Ripping apart souls. Stealing people's lives. Exploiting the hidden truths. Cutting like a knife. Her eyes are as cold as steel. Slicing through dreams.
Loving, wondrous pools of beauty Stories yet to touch my ears, of the journies you've seen Warm and gentel, softly spoken Not giving a clear picture to what lives in the heart Uniquely created, of a familar color
Through mushy puddles she wears a tranquil stare, Brows furrowed in ambition of getting there, Little steps, one by one, growing distant from the restrictions of mother’s arms,
I love looking into a person's eyes because no matter what they wear, be it a mask or a disguise they can never hide what they are truly feeling.
I see their faces permanently pressed into my mind. We oft spoke different languages, but there was a connection and I still see their eyes, their watchful eyes, their smiles and wrinkles
Eyes, pools of liquid splendor, orbs of silent intensity, flitting here, flitting there, resting in sunken sockets and greedily consuming each ray of light. You hide your power behind leaden lids
who are we to judge what others like who they date to make fun of them to bully them all because of a 3 letter word GAY aren't we all are gay really we are but we just don't know it
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