Rocking in azure blue,

Fluorescent lights all around,

Rockets flying; left and right, lawyers sue,

Eardrums bursting from all the sound,

We’re drowning, rubbing alcohol flooding our throats,

Politics thrown in our faces,

We’re scrabbling for a hold, looking for floats,

White, black, yellow, so many races…


Spoon-fed misconceptions, lies, theories,

We always have to pass the tests,

In the trees, always so many harpies,

Seldom snatching rests,


The seas froth at our running noses,

Tossing us into reefs,

Splashing us like a thousand thousand hoses,

Stealing our sanity and innocence like a mob of thieves,


As we come of age,
We are swamped by the realization,

That everyone is caught in a cage,

And no one is getting salvation,


What a revelation!,

Everyone is a sinner,

Mom, dad, auntie, all living in a bloodthirsty nation,

Where only the lucky two percent can be called a winner,


Hate boils up, cloaking our eyes,

And the adults wonder why we’re mad,

While we face a future of jogging the fries,

When we’re really just… terribly, terribly sad.


Have all succumbed to this fate?,

One of inhumane failure,


Of hunger that we cannot sate,
Where none can be sure?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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