Pretty Hazel Eyes

Sun, 01/19/2014 - 16:43 -- kappa7


To the brown-haired girl

With the pretty hazel eyes:

Never using never needing

Never wanting a disguise;

Look you in the face

Never catching by surprise,

Quietly listening

To other friends cries,

Honest, truly honest

With her pretty hazel eyes.

Some girls like to mess around

With the other guys;

Not her, not the girl

With the pretty hazel eyes.

Never forgetting,

Her friend or family ties

Loyal, fun, and kind

Never planning your demise

Promise keeping, trustworthy:

The girl with hazel eyes

To the brown-haired girl

With the pretty hazel eyes

May you know that I am here

When troubles do arise

May you never ever wonder

If you need a disguise

No matter what “they” say,

Whether like or despise

I see value, lots of value

In those pretty hazel eyes.


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