Seeing Parallels

I look into his eyes and

See a fantasy world.

Filled with unique colors...

Colors not yet identified.


Shy sparks of blue

Hide beneath his smile.

They light up the sky

Like fireworks exploding on a

Full moon.


Perky shades of green stand out the most.

They have their own kingdom.

With a king...

Wearing his crown with pride.

His throne covered in polished riches.

The luminous color brings youth and mystery.


Unnoticed gray cowering behind the others

With insecurity that no one knows of.

Negativity never spoken of...

A weak dungeon keeper whom holds inner strength.

The toxic gray vibes stay locked in a cell,

Unable to escape and fill the mind with question.


Warm chocolate brown

Contain the ability to melt anyone

Like a puppy

Climbing onto you when they detect a sad aura

Dedicating themselves to seeing you smile.


Like heavens golden gates or 



Me with a deep feeling of awe.

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