Because I still Love Him

I stare into her eyes and they tell me all I need to know

but I ask anyways 

Why do you push me away?

Why do I feel the way I do when I hold you?

I should feel the warmth of love similar to that in which  I engulf you with

but all I feel is the solemn cold in your heart

Why is it that I find you looking for any reason to go and I have to beg you for the compassion that once came to me and warmed me like the sun breaking through the clouds

I ask these questions and your face tells me the answer quicker than your mouth ever could

I know that I will never be your reason to smile the why you once did 

I am nothing but a mistake that you won't even remember, but you just look at me like you have for the last few weeks and gave me the answer I knew was come

Because I still love him.

Ive been trying to run away from this fact, but no matter how fast you are no one can run from the truth 

So I stare into her eyes and they tell me all that I need to know 

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