A Look Through My Eyes


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A Look Through My Eyes. Outside stroll, what do I see? I see the charisma, the spirit, of New York City. Skylines, and skyscrapers out in the distance. My oh my what a sight to witness. They call it a concrete jungle, I guess we kinda do have a tribal attitude. I see that working class pride, that blue collar mood. Daily agendas, people filling the streets. Nurses, engineers, halal vendors, no matter what time this city never sleeps. Take a look into the melting pot, we the people are the ingredients. Citizenship or not, don’t matter, in this city we practice disobedience. Into my line of sight are common people pursuing dreams. To survive is the drive, doing what they gotta do by any means. Don’t forget this is a jungle, tropical or concrete, the same rules apply. That’s what it like looking through my eyes. Outside through the peripheral vision I see the struggles behind me, the story of getting past it defines we. You see, where we made it is nice, but the story of how we got we here is what makes us. No matter what we do we can never really foresee where life takes us. For now we should all embrace the present, cuz they say time flies. Thank you, for taking the time to look through my eyes.


A river's mind

I love this! The way you use imagery and rhyme to describe life in New York City is well, amazing. I can close my eyes and imagine exactly what you wrote, and to me that is a sign of true talent. :)

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