The Apple of my Eye


My little younger sister,

Was told when she was seven,

That she wouldn't see so well,

Maybe till she got to heaven.


She has a rare eye case,

Rentinitis Pigementosa,

For she can barely see the TV,

When she's sitting on the sofa.


There really is no cure now,

The problem is in her genes,

Our family is funding research,

And helping by any means.


It's very hard sometimes,

For my family and I,

To think that when Gracyn looks above,

She can hardly see the sky.


I truly can't imagine,

What she goes through everyday,

As it's hard to learn in school,

She still manages straight As!


I love her very dearly,

One day we'll set her straight,

And she'll fully see a handsome boy,

When she's out on her first date!


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