Al I Need Is A Piece of Your Heart

Mon, 03/28/2016 - 13:56 -- AFTRHR

What I need is some security

I know finding someone worth keeping is a rarity

Believe me this ain't no chairty

Cause all I need to survive is a little love

But waiting for someone, is something I'm sick of

All I crave is a little love

An innocent type of love

A friendship-type love

The type of love when all I want to do is stare into her starry eyes

and see her smile at my jokes

Even though they're not funny

But she loves them anyway because she thinks its dorky

All I need is a piece of your heart Love

Can we piece it back together

Like a puzzle we've done before?

Or would you like to keep the shards of my glass heart

Don't worry I'll never break yours

We'll keep our pillow talk behind closed doors

Because all I need is a piece of your heart Love

Just you, and nothing more

All I need is our late night talks

But the hour glass is running out, the turning of the clock

Its getting close to midnight and you have to go

Stay Love, stay, lay by my side

I'll make sure you're all right

Please Love stay

Make the pain go away

I need your heart overseas

I need your heart during this war

Maybe a locket with your picture

I'll carry it through the battlefield

But I'll know that the real fight is me

As I fight back the tears 

Of never seeing you in three years

When I think of home, I'll think of you

I'll picture that beautiful smile on your face

Your big brown eyes with your fluttering long lashes

All I need is your heart Love

I need your love beautiful

You're worth fighting for

All I need is you Love

And nothing more



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