Close your eyes.

Thats what everyone does during a horror movie.

When the music swells like a wave,

Warning you of some unforeseen terror.

If you’re brave you keep them open.

But most don’t because who really wants to show fear?


Close your eyes.

For the real thing to fear isn’t Frankenstein or Jaws,

Don’t even fear of falling, drowning, or a car accident.

Not even the cold hand of death should be feared.

But what should be feared is right under your nose,

Its the very thing man holds most dear, and that is life.



Close your eyes.

If you do then maybe the hurt wont reach you.

The searing pain of losing a loved one,

The ache of a missed dear friend,

The dread of a spread secret now a Pandora’s Box,

Maybe if you close your eyes, you wont feel it.



Close your eyes.

Life is all around you, be it good or bad.

Seeing someone dear to you in pain.

The elementary school bully who never gets caught.

A dreaded loneliness every day and night.

The breaking of a heart as you have to accept the past.



Don’t close your eyes.

If you do you’ll miss all of the wonderful things in life.

The joy of cracking opening a new book for the first time.

Ripples of laughter at  friends’ inside jokes.

Seeing how the world is always changing and growing.

If you close your eyes you will be blinded by fear.

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Wow, you've got real talent. Please never stop writing, you have somthing great that you could use to change the world. Keep writing, and never give up. -Somone who loves your writing

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