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Dolphin Gray - 

The color of my favorite 

Crayola Crayon 

At six years old

slightly blue-tinted gray catching my eye

the name sparking a familiarity — 

Wonder of the graceful creatures kept me busy 

In after school care

While I waited for my parents 

To show them my fridge worthy art


Dolphin Gray - 

The color of the sky 

When it’s dreary and wet — 

My favorite type of weather

Because there’s something so beautiful 

About not being able to see what’s coming 

From under the blanket of gray clouds


The color of the clouds 

I no longer see regularly

In the corners of my mind —

Thoughts and feelings no longer 

In greyscale


And now, 

12 years later

Dolphin Gray is the color of his eyes 

The sky before a storm in spring 

When the weather is always a little unpredictable

But I can see what is coming —

Even through the fog of his soul


Of a man enshrouded in murk 

But never fails to give sunshine to those 

Who willingly dedicate their time 

to him. 

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