Who I’d Be


Without a filter

I’d be more genuine

Without editing

My skin might not always shine


I’d be bold and without censure

My life, would be my adventure

So easy to travel

So easy to lose


I’d be open and free

My voice, would be my key

So easy to unlock

So easy to seal


Without a filter

I’d be more pale

Without editing

My face might tell a different tale


I’d be barefoot and underdressed

My hands, would be my safe nest

So easy to hold

So easy to slip


I’d be compassionate and naive

My heart, would be my weight to heave

So easy to feel

So easy to ignore


Without a filter

I’d be more real

Without editing

My strength through my weakness reveal


I’d be wild and natural

My smile, would be my collateral

So easy to create

So easy to break


I’d be true and internal

My life, would be my journal

So easy to write

So easy erase


Without a filter

I’d be a mystery

Without editing

My mind might see the truth but not in my history

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