Can You See?

Can You See?


Have you

ever wondered

how a cave

would react

if light

would stream in



Could you imagine

the things

you could see

if a hundred rays

of light

bravely danced

where once

they said


could be seen?


What if I told you

that you are the cave,

and a hundred rays of light

wished to dance

before your eyes

each and

every day?

In fact,

they do dance,

every moment,

of everyday.


But some of us choose

to keep ourselves

locked up and enslaved.

Perhaps we are afraid

to see the glory in all things,

afraid to be dismayed.


I must admit,

I too,

lived within the depths

of the darkest

part of me,

suppressing the light

that so desperately

wanted to reveal

the glory in all things.  


You see, when I was busy

wondering why

the tides

mercilessly beat the shore,

I failed to listen

to the songs

of the waves,

how they leaped

far into the sky

so the rhythm

of its splashes

could pour

its song

into the earth.


You see, when I was busy

trying to fix

the line

I had mistakenly placed

across my canvas,

I missed

the beautiful image

that had become alive. 

With one

unexpected, fragile


everything fell into place,

and it all began

to thrive.


You see, when I was busy

wondering why

the sky

was laden with darkness,

I missed

the beauty

of the lights galore,

the stars which offered


without measure.


You see, when I was busy

living in the darkest parts of me,

I was not able to see

the glory in all things, until

I arose

from the black sea

of my soul.


Then I began to see.


I see the trees bow

to the music

of the streams,

and the winds dance

for the moon and the sun.

The whole earth rises

exuberantly each day,

waiting in expectation

that one day

it will win

your vision.


You see, the whole earth

rises before you,

with the hope that your eyes

will arise

from darkness,

so that you can see,

everything is


You see, beauty lives

in everything;

it is already there,

waiting to be uncovered

like a deep well hidden

beneath the earth.


So I ask you,

have you uncovered

your eyes to the light

that rises

to revive all that dies?


Do not wait

until it is too late

when the earth will

rise no more.


So I ask you,

Can you see

the glory

in all things? 


Can you see?

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